MV Baltic Trader's charter to transport Camogli Harbour workers

Baltic Trader makes extra February-March 2017 charter trip

Report from Cynthia Green and Sean Burns

MV Baltic Trader has been chartered to bring back the Camogli Harbour contractors employed by the company Sea and Shore. The vessel left Cape Town on Monday 27th February 2017 with islanders Dereck & Hilary Rogers the only passengers aboard. The ship arrived at 5.30pm on Thursday 9th March and the two passengers were brought ashore soon afterwards.

The vessel made a quick turnaround, loaded passengers at 08.00 and departed for Cape Town soon after 09.00 GMT. Passengers are: Tristan islanders Donald & Joyce Hagan, Gary & Rita Repetto, RSPB's Katrine Herian and the seven Ship and Shore contractors who have been working on Calshot Harbour.

MV Baltic Trader at anchor off Tristan
in December 2015 (Janine Lavarello)

MV Baltic Trader's previous Tristan trip was planned to be its final voyage to the island as MV Geo-Searcher is due to come into service in March, but it is useful that the ship is still available to help transport contractors back home.