The final MV Baltic Trader voyage from Cape Town to Tristan arrived 30th November 2016, carrying materials for harbour repairs.

Final 2016 Cape Town - Tristan Baltic Trader voyage update

Update from Cynthia Green

The final 2016 sailing from Cape Town to Tristan da Cunha, carrying crucial Christmas supplies and the last 2016 mail, finally arrived on Wednesday 30th November at 07.00 GMT, ten days after leaving Cape Town on Sunday 20th November at 2.00pm local time. Sea conditions did not allow unloading of cargo, which is postponed until 'it's a day'.

Passengers came ashore at 08.30 and were: Islanders Eddie & Rebecca Rogers, Linda Green, Sarah & Connor Glass-Green, Rodney Green and Marion Collins, Administrator Sean Burns and his wife Marina, Geography Teacher Leonard Street and Agriculture Adviser Alasdair Wyllie & his wife Barbara. The trip will be the last to be made by the MV Baltic Trader.

Administrator Designate Sean Burns reported earlier from Cape Town that the ship was delayed to be loaded with materials needed for further DFID funded emergency repairs to Calshot Harbour to be carried out between January and March 2017. These were planned to be carried by MV Edinburgh in January, but it was decided that there will not be enough cargo space, hence the use of this earlier sailing.