Veterinarian Aniket Sardana visited the school to talk about his work and about caring for dogs.

Vet Visits the School

Report and photos from Clare Ryan

Aniket Sardana the vet visited Tristan earlier this year and enjoyed running an assembly for the children at St Mary's. His focus was on caring for dogs. The children listening attentively and particularly enjoyed when Head of Agriculture, Neil, brought his dog in for a practical demonstration. Some children used a stethoscope to listen to the dog's heart and give him an overall check-up. Luckily, the dog was given a clean bill of health! With most of the children having dogs at home, they all learnt some new things to help keep the dogs happy and healthy.

Vet Aniket Sardana talks to students about his work

We've also been very lucky and been able to utilise Aniket's knowledge and experience as a temporary teacher to cover a short period of absence. He taught Biology to some of the children in Class 5 for the duration of his visit. The children enjoyed the lessons and were grateful to Aniket for taking the time to visit school each week to deliver their lessons.