Scientists from the visiting RRS DIscovery called at St Mary's School to teach about animals that live in the depths in the ocean.

RRS Discovery visit to the School

Report and Photos from Clare Ryan

Tuesday 26th March 2019 saw some 'pirates' from the RRS Discovery come ashore and visit St Mary's School. Captain Katie and First Mate Oli spent the afternoon with children from Classes 1-3. Using a treasure map and solving clues the children learned about animals that live at different depths in the ocean. The pirate crew moved into the school hall to compare the relative sizes of albatross, pilot whales and giant squid. The children were pretty surprised to find out that a whale would fit in the hall! The children had a brilliant afternoon and managed to solve all of the clues on Captain Katie's treasure map and find some treasure! The children were very thankful to Katie and Oli for taking the time to visit school and run such an interesting and fun afternoon workshop. Oli returned to school on Friday afternoon to lead a session with the older children. The focus was on the sea mounts surrounding Tristan and how they support diverse marine life. The children were interested to learn about their local marine area and how it can be used and protected.

Visit of RRS Discovery staff to St Mary's School