Photo report of the open day held at St Mary's School, Tristan da Cunha, held on the 1st May 2014.

Open Day on 1st May 2014

St Mary's School Open Day
held on 1st May 2014

Report from Jim Kerr

Photos from Jim Kerr and Tina Glass

Right: The new St Mary's School Logo
with the motto 'Wider Horizons'
on the bow of the Tristan Longboat

St Mary's School Pupils in their new tops with staff and families seated behind
The Open Day started after lunch with a presentation of prizes and certificates. Over 35 parents/relatives attended the ceremony and then had an opportunity to go round all the classrooms looking at the resources we use, attractive displays that both pupils and staff had worked hard to produce and their children's work. They also had an opportunity to talk to the teachers about their child's progress.
Logos on the new tops: Left: How the backs look; Centre: Back Logo details;
Right: Logo on the front depicting a longboat and the words 'St Mary's School and Wider Horizons'.
Every child was given a T shirt with the school logo and these were worn for the first time on the Open Day. Pupils will keep their T shirts and wear them on any special school occasions. The school also has a stock of polo shirts and fleeces with the school badge that will be offered for sale to pupils and friends of St Mary's school. The logo with the motto 'Wider Horizons' was designed by Kimberley Green and Leo Glass who are currently in Class 5.
Class 4: Janice Green, Randal Repetto, Kaitlyn Hagan
Class 1: Deanna Rogers, Calvin Green,
Amber Repetto, Siana Campbell
Class 3: Nathan Swain, Chloe Glass, Julie Green, Dylan Green
Playgroup: Alexi Campbell, Katie Repetto
Class 2: Chantelle Repetto, Kieran Glass, Shannon Swain,
Tristan Glass, Jamie Glass, Ryan Swain, Callum Green
Class 5: Kimberley Green, Leo Glass, Rhyanna Swain, Linda Green, Natalie Swain, Kelly Swain, Leanne Swain, Jade Repetto

Mr Jim gave prizes to pupils in each class who had accumulated the most number of reward points in the term. Pictured are Shannon Class 2 (above left), Chloe Class 3 (above right), Kaitlyn and Janice (equal points)) Class 4 (below left) and Rhyanna Class 5 (below right). Other winners were Calvin Class 1 and Alexi and Katie from the playgroup who had equal points.

Alex Mitham first presented Lynette Green with her IGCSE Certificate in Maths and English and her Tristan Studies Certificate.
Lynette achieved good grades in these subjects.
He then presented ECDL Certificates from BCS The Chartered Institute for IT.
Pictured are Poppy Lavarello (above right), one of three teachers to achieve this award, Leanne Swain, Natalie Swain, Leo Glass,
Kelly Swain, Jade Repetto, Kaitlyn Hagan and Lynette Green.
Others who received these certificates include teachers Kelly Burns and Renee Green
and students Riaan Repetto, Dean Repetto, Kimberley Green and Janice Green.

Photos above from Drew Campbell
Play Group Stars Joint winners - Katie Repetto & Alexi Campbell
Class 1 - Siana Campbell & Deanna Rogers (with Swimathon Award)