The annual Queen's Day public holiday features various activities to celebrate the Queen's birthday. now held in February or March to enable a produce show to be held in the austral late Summer/Early Autumn.

Event News

2015 Queen's Day

Held on Friday 27th February
Photos from Tina Glass, David Clarke, Marc Escudier and Alex Mitham

Early on Friday 27th February the gong was rung by Chief Islander Ian Lavarello to announce the annual Queen's Day.
The first event was the Fishing Competition for adults and children.
Later during the morning the usual competitions were held at St Mary’s School for best flowers, vegetables, cookery and art.

Show in the School Hall:
Left: Children's Art, Above: Plain Cakes: Below Right: Apple Turnovers: Below: Turnips / Swedes Class

Judging for the Fishing competition took place at 12 noon. The judges this year were Alex Mitham, Chris Standing, Matthew Byrne, Anja Smit, Rev Denzall Snell, Sinyati Snell, Catherine Glass, Rose Glass and Margaret Swain.
Tomatoes and Potatoes

Show Results

Heaviest Potatoes
Smoothskin - 1st Prize – Catherine Glass - 2nd Prize – Calvin Green
White Blossom - 1st Prize – David Swain - 2nd Prize - Catherine Glass

Best 3 Tomatoes - 1st Prize – Iris Green - 2nd Prize – Gary Repetto
Best 3 Beetroot – 1st Prize – Kimberley Green
Best Lettuce – 1st Prize – Dereck Rogers – 2nd Prize – Hilary Rogers
Best turnip/Swede – 1st Prize – Chantelle Repetto – 2nd Prize – Patrick Rogers

Best Plain Cake - 1st Prize – Janice Green - 2nd Prize – Anne Green
Best Pot Plant - 1st Prize – Rhoda Rogers - 2nd Prize – Emma Swain
Best Apple Turnovers - 1st Prize – Beverley Swain - 2nd Prize – Rhyanna Swain

Arrangement of wild flowers
Age (7-16yrs) - 1st Prize – Randal - 2nd Prize – Chantelle Repetto
Age (3-6yrs) - 1st Prize – Amber Repetto - 2nd Prize – Katie Repetto

Children’s Art
- 1st Prize – Connor Glass- 2nd Prize –Ethan Green
Class 1 - 1st Prize- Calvin Green – 2nd Prize Deanna Rogers
Classes 2 & 3 - 1st Prize - Chloe Glass - 2nd Prize - Nathan Swain - 3rd Prize - Kieran Glass
Classes 4 & 5 - 1st Prize - Kaitlyn Hagan - 2nd Prize – Chloe Glass

Pot Plants and Wild Flowers
The Mummy Competition
wrapped up

Competition Prize Winners

Men's Darts - 1st prize Leon Glass- 2nd prize – Warren Glass
Women's Darts – 1st prize Denise Rogers - 2nd prize – Donna Green

Fishing Competition
Adults - 1st Prize - 59cm long Wayne Swain - 2nd Prize – Ricky Swain – 55.7m long
Children - 1st Prize - Calvin Green – 50.1cm long - 2nd Prize - Julie Green – 44.1cm long

Guess the number of sweets in the jar – Lucas Swain
Electrical Circuit - 1st prize Larry Swain- 2nd prize – Conchita Repetto
Soak Tristan’s MPs - 1st Prize – Tristan Glass – 2nd Prize – Jamie Green

Table Tennis – Mixed Doubles - 1st Prize Leon Glass and Lynette Green 2nd Prize – Patrick Green and Natalie Swain
Table Tennis - Men's Doubles - Leon Glass and Danny Swain

Shoot the Hoop – Ladies 1st prize Kimberley Green - 2nd prize – Conchita Repetto
Shoot the Hoop – Men 1st prize Larry Swain - 2nd prize – Patrick Green

Toilet Paper Mummy
Adults 1st prize Michelle Campbell - 2nd prize – Sarah Glass
Children- 1st prize Leo Glass- 2nd prize – Rhyanna Swain

Word Search Competition - 1st prize Sarah Glass- 2nd prize – Rob Mrowicki
Word Search Competition/ Doubles 1st Prize Kimberley Green and Conchita Repetto, 2nd Prize – Glenda Swain and Philip Rogers

Wife/ Partner Carrying Relay - 1st Prize – Marc Escudier and Francesca Green - 2nd Prize – Robin and Dawn Repetto

Golf Competition – Flag 1 -1st Prize -Robin Repetto –- 2nd Prize – Philip Rogers
Flag 2 -1st Prize -Robin Repetto –- 2nd Prize – Jason Green
Flag 3 -1st Prize –Mark Swain –- 2nd Prize – Danny Swain

Lucky Draw for a trip to Cape Town sponsored by Ovenstones – Darren Repetto

At 2pm the children’s sports and other competitions got under way. The children were all excited and full of enthusiasm.

Government Departments arranged various events for the day and these included Golf competition, Children's sports, Word search competition, darts, Electrical circuit game, Table Tennis, Shooting hoops basketball, Soak Tristan’s MP’s Toilet Paper mummy,Wife partner carrying relay and rounders.

Taking aim:
Above -
Shooting Hoops;

Below and right -
Highlight of 2015 Queen's Day
as thrilled islanders take aim at......

What they call 'Tristan's MPs'
Above: A steady hand needed for the Electrical Circuit
Below Left: Table Tennis Competition

Reception on the Residency lawns
At 6pm the Administrator held a reception for the community at The Residency.
Following this prizes were given out followed by drawing the raffle. The generous donated draw prize from Ovenstone comprising a free trip to Cape Town was won by Darren Repetto.
Prize Giving

There followed a dance in the Prince Philip Hall.

God Save the Queen