News for 2015 from the Tristan da Cunha Government, including the Governor, the Resident Administrator, Chief Islander and Tristan-related official events in the UK and abroad.

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Tristan Island Brew enjoyed at Foreign Office Reception

Bushy's 'Island Brew' was served at the close of the 2015 Overseas Territories Joint Ministerial Council.
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Hamburg Sud Container Ship San Clemente's July Visit

The container ship MV San Clemente diverted to Tristan on the 18th July 2015 to pick up the island’s UK Representative, Chris Carnegy.
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Administrator Alex Mitham returns to take up his role

Photo from Cynthia Green taken on 10th July 2015 and showing Alex Mitham (left) shaking hands with Finance Officer Chris Standing who was Acting Administrator during Alex's time away from Tristan.

The photo follows a short official ceremony during which Alex was sworn in again as resident Administrator.
Alex left the island on 23rd March and returned on 8th July.

Tristan Islanders on the Isle of Man 2015

Journey Home via Spain, Switzerland and South Africa
Report from Dawn and photos from Robin Repetto
Spanish Photos
By the Med
Jade, Dawn and Amber with Martyn and Wendy England
With the Folgates in Spain
Amber, dawn and Jade by the pool with Beda in the background

Dawn writes on 27th August:
After completing our training in Isle of Man and completing our work in the UK we had two weeks to spare before returning to Tristan. We thought instead of returning immediately to Tristan we would request permission to visit our family in Spain and Switzerland.

We spent a few days in Spain with my Aunty Wendy and Uncle Martyn and a few days in Switzerland visiting Karen, Dani, Chiara and Alessia. It was a wonderful experience meeting up with our family and seeing the different cultures in the different places. A great learning curve for the girls and I know they will never forget Sunny Spain and the Swiss Alps - what an opportunity!

We are now in Cape Town and will return to Tristan on the SA Agulhas which should leave Cape Town on 3rd September.

Dawn, Jade , Amber, Dani, Alessia, Chiara and Robin by the Kapellbrücke bridge in Lucerne
The Schreier and Repetto families on Mount Pilatus
Mount Pilatus from the Lake Lucerne ferry
Alessia, Amber & Chiara in the cable car

The families paddling in the River Rhine

The final stage of the Repetto family's journey
back from the Isle of Man
to their home on Tristan
will be the passage from Cape Town
aboard SA Agulhas II
and the helicopter flight ashore,
scheduled for Tuesday 8th September.

The Repetto family preparing to leave the Isle of Man on 8th August 2015
Before they leave Dawn has sent this final report about their time on the island:

Our time on the Isle of Man is drawing to a close and we just can’t believe how it has flown. It has been a wonderful experience for myself and family and we will take many fond memories home with us.

Jade attended St Ninians High School where she had the opportunity to study at IGCSE level. She made many friends and settled in quickly to school life even though the school was a lot bigger than on Tristan. She undertook Taekwondo lessons in her spare time and found this experience very valuable.

Amber attended Scoill Vallajeelt and thoroughly enjoyed her time making many friends in the process and attending many birthday parties. Her class, Year 2, had 28 children which is as many as the whole school on Tristan. Both girls are now on the summer holidays and will only start school again on our return home.

Photos of the family at Bushy's Brewery -
see Tristan Island Brew for more

Robin found his training very constructive and had the opportunity under the Department of Infrastructure, Douglas Fire and Rescue Department Red Watch, Electro Freeze, Traffic Department and Department of Economic Development, to undertake:

  • Electrical and plumbing tasks
  • Firefighting awareness
  • Refrigeration
  • Arc GIS Mapping
  • Insight into renewables

I was based with Department of Economic Development and Manx National Heritage and undertook:

  • Website work
  • Social media
  • New literature ideas for brochures, leaflets etc.
  • Planning and operations for cruise ship arrivals
  • Retail
  • Event planning
  • Management of heritage sites
  • Conserving of artefacts
  • Upkeep of archival records

The experience for both of us has been very beneficial and we hope to go back to the island with new ideas and insight into how a different place operates. We would like to say a big thank you to those departments for taking us under their wing and helping us through this learning process, the people we have met along the way has been so kind and helpful.

With thanks to Martin at Bushy’s Brewery, we had the chance to see how a Brewery operates and were able to be a part of the venture of brewing a Tristan beer with Bushy’s. We are ever grateful for this one in a lifetime chance and are thankful to Martin for his friendship and to all those who were involved, especially Curly the Brewer. We now look forward to the CAMRA Great British Beer Festival held at Olympia London, where our very special beer will be sampled and promoted.

The family with Ken and Fran Rogers - see below for more

The Isle of Man is a wonderful place and I highly recommend a visit to everyone. The people are very benevolent and are never too busy to stop and help you find your way. Although the island is a lot bigger than Tristan you still get a very good sense of Island life. Apart from our training we also got to see some of the sites and festivals and managed to visit Curraghs Wildlife Park, a trip on the Steam Train, Laxey Wheel, Home of Rest for old Horses, Douglas Head, The TT road race, The CastleTown Bath races and these are only a few to mention. A big thank you, to the Governments of the Isle of Man and Tristan, for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

Last but not least we would like to say a heartfelt thanks to our special friends Ken and Fran Rogers who has been so supportive to us while in the Isle of Man. Tristan and the Association are truly blessed to have them as friends and members. Our children look to them as their Isle of Man grandparents and we know they will be missed by us all, we will look back on our time together with fond memories. We hope one day to see them at Tristan where we can return their generosity.

Repetto Family Update
from Ken Rogers and featuring photos and reports of two final weekend trips as the family prepare to leave the Isle of Man
to return to Tristan in September, visiting England and South Africa en route.
Dawn, Jade and Robin by the Andreas Village sign.
Jade, Amber, Dawn and Robin by the Point of Ayre Foghorn and below left with the lighthouse behind

On Saturday 1st August Ken and Fran met up with Robin, Dawn.Jade and Amber at Ramsey Bus Station then took them to their home before having lunch at Milntown House and Gardens just outside Ramsey. The group then visited the Point of Ayre,the most Northerly point in Isle of Man. Luckily it was not a foggy day so the Fog Horn did not go off! On way to Point of Ayre they went through the village of Andreas and stopped for photo shoot in memory of Andrea Repetto.
Ken and Fran then took the family back to their home for some nibbles before returning to Douglas to drop the family off back at their flat, which they will be shortly leaving to start the return trip back to Tristan.
Ken and Fran will be so sad to see them go, but feel so lucky to have had such good times with them, on the occasions they have meet up. They intend to keep in touch with their new friends and hope to meet again in the future.

Below - on Sunday 26th July, after Sunday lunch
Ken and Fran took the family to visit
The Great Laxey Wheel - named Lady Isabella.
The family were taken on a Geocaching taster session by Alan and Angie
Brooke in a wooded area of the Isle of Man on 19th July. Dawn is very grateful to the kind couple who have offered assistance to Dawn who intends to set up a Geocache trail on Tristan when she arrives back later in the year.

Photos show Robin, Dawn, Amber and Jade Repetto, right, and without Robin but with Alan and Angie Brooke in the photo left.
On the way back from Norway,
Robin had a London stop-over
and had a ride on the London Eye

The photo left shows Robin with The Palace of Westminster, Big Ben and Westminster Bridge behind
Robin travelled to Germany to carry out training regarding the Magnetic Observatory on Tristan. He spent a few days in Berlin and then went to Tromsø in Northern Norway to try and improve connectivity at the Observatory on Tristan. It was a wonderful experience which Robin thoroughly enjoyed.
Robin with Bjørn Ove Husøy
Robin with Dr Magnar Gullikstad Johnsen
Both photographs above were taken on 10th July during Robin's visit to Norway. They were standing on an observation platform offering the stunning view over the city of Tromsø and the snow-capped mountains beyond.
Repetto Family's Isle of Man Sunday Trip
Report and photos from Ken Rogers

Ken and Fran Rogers met up with Dawn and Amber after lunch on Sunday and visited The Home of Rest for Old Horses just outside Douglas. Photos above and below show Amber with the horses and enjoying a horse ride. Dawn can be seen in two of the photos and Fran in the image below right.

There have been no horses on Tristan da Cunha for nearly 200 years, but it is thought the British Army brought six horses when they took possession of the island in August 1816. Corporal William Glass had a role in utilising the horses and managing the troop of Hottentots who accompanied the garrison as part of the Royal Artillery Troop. It is likely that the horses died out within 10 years.

Ken and Fran then then picked up Jade
from the National Sports Centre,
where she had been attending a Taekwondo lesson.
Photos below show Jade in her Taekwondo kit (left)
and with Fran, Amber and Dawn
outside the Isle of Man National Sports Centre.

The party then went to the airport to pick up Robin
who was coming back from his week in Germany.
All in all, a great day out.

Ken adds that he and Fran feel so privileged to have got to be with such lovely people from Tristan, and long may it continue.

Repetto family's day out with Ken and Fran Rogers

Tristan Association members Ken and Fran Rogers took the Repetto family out for the day on Sunday 28th June.
They all had lunch at the Mount Murray Golf Club and then drove to The Sound, that over looks the Calf of Man.

The photo from Ken was taken at Mount Murray just after lunch and shows, left to right,
Dawn, Robin, Amber and Jade Repetto,
Fran, and behind Ken Rogers.

Ken and Fran next plan a ten-pin-bowling trip
with the family as they keep up their reputation as
generous hosts to islanders on the IOM.

Isle on Man Training Update June 2015
from Tristan UK Government Representative Chris Carnegy

Administrator Alex Mitham, together with his wife Hasene and Tristan's UK Representative Chris Carnegy, paid a flying visit to the Isle of Man on June 10th and 11th - to visit Tristanians on attachment there, to thank their hosts, and to discuss the future of this fruitful inter-island link.

The Manx government regularly welcomes Tristanians who want to gain new perspectives on how other islands work. In 2015, Dawn Repetto is on attachment to the tourism and heritage teams, Robin Repetto has joined their Department of Infrastructure and Clive Glass is with the health service.

Alex held meetings with the Isle of Man's External Relations, Economic Development and Health and Social Care departments. And there was time to visit Bushy's Brewery, which has taken delivery of a batch of Tristan berries as part of a plan to create a beer inspired by the remotest inhabited island on earth.

Right: Left to Right: Alex Mitham, Hasene Mitham, Dawn Repetto, Robin Repetto, Chris Carnegy and Martin Brunnschweiler in Bushy's Brewery.

Alex and Hasene Mitham outside
the Isle of Man Government Office

Alex and Hasene with Clive Glass -
see below for more details of Clive's training

Dawn and Robin Repetto with Martin Brunnschweiler in Bushy's Brewery, left, on 11th June
and with their children Amber and Jade on 7th June
(Photo from Robin, others in this feature from Chris Carnegy)
Dawn reports that the family are settling in well on the Isle of Man and really enjoying the experience. People are very kind and helpful and if you look a bit lost they will always stop and ask can they help with directions. The girls have settled well into school with both girls are enjoying the experience and have made friends.

Robin is working in Department of Infrastructure and is enjoying his time there. I am presently in Department of Economic Development and at the end of June will move to Manx National Heritage.

On the weekends we try and take time out to take the girls sightseeing, there is so much to see and do here.
We are now experiencing the TT Festival and it is truly amazing. Robin and Jade are very big fans and those bikes move with such speed it's scary.

Clive Glass' Isle of Man Training Placement

Clive Glass is the latest Tristan islander to take up a training placement in the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man Government have very kindly offered to provide training for Clive Glass from March to September which will include a number of areas such as observational training on-

  • Life support
  • A&E
  • Radiology
  • Plaster room technicians
  • Blood transfusion department
  • Macmillan cancer research
  • Possible British Red Cross training

Clive will also be attending some training at St John Ambulance, as well as search and rescue scenarios etc. Clive arrived on the Isle of Man on Saturday 7th March.

Clive was guest of honour at the
Tristan da Cunha Association
Annual Gathering on Saturday 11th April 2015.
He is photographed with
his former teacher Jim Kerr (right)
and on the dance floor with Alison Hentley (above).
See the 2015 Annual Gathering Page for more.

Administration Hand-Over

Finance Officer Chris Standing was sworn in as Acting Administrator on Friday 20th March ahead of Administrator Alex Mitham's departure on the cruise ship Silver Explorer for Cape Town the following week. The vessel arrived on Monday 23rd March and Alex and his wife Hasene went aboard in the early afternoon. Alex will be travelling home to the UK where he will conduct Tristan Government business with partners.

Photos right from Shirley Squibb show: top - Alex and Hasene aboard a Zodiac ready to depart Calshot Harbour; and below the Silver Explorer cruise ship.

See the Silver Explorer 2015 page for more details of the ship's visit.

MPs Pilloried!

The Tristan community keeps up its reputation for good fun during Queen's Day as Administrator Alex Mitham, Finance Officer Chris Standing and Commercial Manager Matthew Byrne join Chief Islander Ian Lavarello to pose as novelty rockhoppers and face wet sponges thrown by many willing volunteers.

Of course Tristan doesn't have any MPs, though Ian is an elected member of the Island Council. All are good sports.

See the 2015 Queen's Day Page for more

Tristan represented EU's 2015 OCTA Conference and Forum

The Annual EU Overseas Countries and Territories Association (OCTA) Annual Ministerial Conference and Forum
in the British Virgin Islands 26th-27th February 2015

Tristan da Cunha Government Representative Chris Carnegy was a member of the St Helena delegation
attending this event together with St Helena Hon Councillor Lawson Henry and St Helena UK Representative Kedell Warboys.

Flag of the British Virgin Islands -
which, like Tristan da Cunha is a UK Overseas Territory

Photos left and below from Chris Carnegy show
the Tristan da Cunha flag proudly flying in Road Town, capital of the British Virgin Islands and the venue for the meetings.
Other images courtesy of the Government of the British Virgin Islands.

Led by the Chairman of OCTA and Premier and Minister of Finance, Dr. the Honourable D. Orlando Smith, OBE, the OCTs engaged with the European Commission at the highest level. The European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development was represented by Mr. Neven Mimica at the meetings.

In reflecting on the upcoming meeting, Premier Smith stated, 'I look forward to this meeting as the OCTs consider how they have unlocked their value by leveraging their special relationship with the EU and other international and regional partners, to create regional hubs and centres of excellence.'
He added, “OCTs will also reaffirm their commitment to the sustainable use of natural resources and emphasise the importance of coastal marine management and climate change adaptation.'

The EU encourages OCTs to recognise their economic, environmental, scientific and strategic value to the EU and the wider region can be developed through EU support for research and development in renewable energy, climate change, biodiversity, conservation, science and technology and other areas.

Report from Tristan Government Representative Chris Carnegy

Firstly all the delegates’ expenses are paid for by the EU.

The key aspect of this event from Tristan's perspective is that the European Development Fund provides much-needed investment in Tristan. The most recent round of funding has supported the new water and electrical networks, the early trials with renewable energy and more dolosse for harbour repairs, among other benefits. Negotiations are now underway for the next round. So - although the EU formally only deals direct with St Helena - Tristan's aim here has been to raise positive awareness of how this European development cash helps with everyday life in the remotest settlement on earth. EU officials visibly brightened when I told them we now have improved street lighting - they deal with a lot of process and I suspect they don't often get thanked for the human benefits they help deliver.

The Opening Ceremony

The meetings include (i) gatherings of the UK OTs to plan what we want from OCTA for the next few years: (ii) a meeting for our territory with EU officials and the FCO; (iii) a gathering of political leaders, and (iv) the annual OCTA forum.

Main points for us:

- Tristan was able to thank the EU for its help, including an encounter with the newish commissioner for International Development and Co-operation, Neven Mimica. I presented him with a plaque to acknowledge our gratitude.

- St Helena UK Rep Kedell Warboys who organised our delegation was elected President of OCTA for the coming year.

- Tristan was able to contribute ideas for ways to improve the future effectiveness of OCTA.

- Tackling climate change (and dealing with its effects), and sustainable energy, emerged as two common themes for EDF-funded work over the next few years, alongside the support that will be specific to each territory.

- delegates heard a presentation on SAERI, which is already developing links with Tristan and plans more work with us in future.

The final 'Forum' day on 27 th February bought together all the week's participants: OT politicians and their reps; EU officials; and FCO officials / their counterparts from France/Netherlands/Denmark.

Mostly it drew together the themes of the week, but one highlight has been Lawson Henry delivering a short speech on ambitions for renewable energy, better waste/wastewater management and sustainable fisheries across our Territory. It was good to hear him mention our new EU lobster access in front of such a powerful audience.

Chris Carnegy presenting Commissioner Mimica
with a Tristan da Cunha plaque.
Lawson Henry and other elected leaders
gather at the close of the ministerial meeting

(Chris Carnegy was missing as he took this photo!)

Images left of a British Virgin Islands Government Building and above a wonderful local beach scene.

Administration Team Complete

New Commercial Manager Matthew Byrne arrived to take up his post on 20th January aboard MV Edinburgh. Matthew joins Finance Officer Chris Standing who arrived in November 2014 and Administrator Alex Mitham who together work in the Tristan Administration Building (often known as 'Whitehall') with islanders to organise the island's government business. We published photos and CVs of both Matthew and Chris on our 2014 Government News page.

Tristan Government UK Team starts its work

New Tristan Government UK Representative Chris Carnegy and UK Adviser Jim Kerr started their work on 1st January as former Tristan Government UK Representative Chris Bates MBE retired from his post. See Government News Aboard 2015

2015 News

This page publicises an assortment of information from across the world related to Tristan da Cunha.

2015 Overseas Territories Joint Ministerial Council (JMC)

Summary Report Tristan Government Representative Chris Carnegy

The overseas territories' Joint Ministerial Council is a major landmark in the annual calendar for the UK Representative. Work started months earlier as I'm one of the 'sherpas' (those who plan the path to the summit) with regular advance meetings to thrash-out the agenda and start to develop positions that can be formally agreed in London.

This year I was also Tristan's entire delegation, as the sheer logistical challenge meant the Chief Islander couldn't make the trip. That made for a heady mix during the week - dashing between meetings with ministers, helping draft the final communiqué and dining with the OT premiers, attending plenary sessions and pulling half-pints of Island Ale for guests at the closing reception.

Among the most substantial items discussed was the way the UK government wants to deliver its 'blue belt' ambition for the overseas territories. Tristan is rightly proud of the independently-certified sustainability of its fishery, but we also insist that marine protection measures must be science-based, properly resourced and locally supported. I delivered that message to the OTs minister and to two committees of MPs.

The key is economic development, and for us that's very much about 'connectivity' - the shipping links, the harbour, and the internet. Here again, the meetings with MPs, ministers and officials provided the chance to raise awareness of Tristan's challenges and opportunities.

This year Tristan was also invited to make the leading OT speech on education and skills. I outlined the major developments at St Mary's School, with subject specialists arriving to boost our iGCSE ambitions. And I told the story of Nathan Swain's world-beating essay that reflected so much credit on the school and said so much about how the skills of Tristanians will build the community's future. It was very gratifying to hear later that the UK skills minister was enthusing to colleagues about a certain small island that had just captured his imagination.

It's been a frantic, tiring few days, but this is Tristan's key annual chance to make an impact in the corridors of power. I think we did.

There follows photos and reports from Chris on elements of the JMC
Minister cries 'Bring me the lobster!' as Tristan Lobster and Island Ale Brew are served at JMC Foreign Office Reception
Photos show the Tristan Lobster tarts, with above right, an appreciative OT Minister James Duddridge, and below Chris Carnegy with brewmaster Martin Brunnschweiler from the Bushy's Ale of Man Brewery which produces the Tristan Island Brew: see Tristan Island Brew for more.

The final moment of the week's events brought Tristan's signature product to centre stage. A reception in the Foreign Office saw Overseas Territories minister James Duddridge give the valedictory speech.

He mentioned that Tristan Island Ale beer, infused with Tristan berries, and canapés made with Tristan lobster, were both being enjoyed - and regretted that he'd missed his chance to taste the lobster at last year's event.

As the speeches closed, the last words of the 2015 JMC were a cry from the minister 'Bring me the lobster!'. The staff duly obliged.

Chris with Overseas Territories Minister James Duddridge at Lancaster House at the start of day two of the JMC
on Wednesday 2nd December

Photos taken on 1st December
Chris meets Andrew Rosindell
at the UKOTA reception in the Speaker's House
Cllr. Jacqui Ellick (Ascension), Cllr. Lawson Henry and Kedell Warboys (St Helena), Chris Carnegy and Cllr. Caroline Yon (Ascension), in Westminster Hall before meetings with Foreign Affairs and Environment committees.

The fourth meeting of the Overseas Territories Joint Ministerial Council (JMC) will be held in London on 1 - 2 December at Lancaster House and will be hosted by FCO Minister for the Overseas Territories James Duddridge MP.

The JMC is the principal forum for reviewing and implementing the shared strategy for promoting security, good governance and sustainable development of the Overseas Territories (OTs). The strategy, set out in the 2012 Overseas Territories White Paper, calls for a whole of government approach to supporting the Overseas Territories and Territory leaders will have discussions with ministers from a range of UK government departments.

Issues to be discussed this year include child safeguarding, economic development, and setting a vision for the UK and the OTs in 2030. The Government of Tristan da Cunha is being represented by its UK Representative Chris Carnegy, as the Chief Islander, Ian Lavarello is not able to travel to the UK for this year's council, but attended in 2014.. He will join representatives from: Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat, Pitcairn, St Helena and Ascension, and Turks and Caicos Islands

On Monday 30th November council delegates
met at the Royal Overseas League,
where they discussed key issues
that are likely to feature on the JMC agenda,
including the ways OTs are governed,
the possible impact of the UK's
planned referendum on EU membership,
and, crucially for Tristan
- the way the UK is progressing its ambitions
around enhanced marine protection.

Photo from Chris Carnegy shows this preliminary meeting
in session on 30th November with Chris at the top of the table, left, looking at the camera.

Tristan Tie-Up

Chris Carnegy has sent this photo
of MP Andrew Rosindell wearing a Tristan tie
whilst being interviewed
on ITV's 'This Morning' programme
on Wednesday 16th September.

Andrew published the photo on his own Facebook page
and it is good he chose to sport the Tristan tie
when making this broadcast,
which, however, had nothing to do with the island.


New Foreign and Commonwealth Office Tristan Desk Officer Appointed

Jonathon Brown
has been appointed FCO Tristan Desk Officer
to succeed Laura Benyohai
from 1st September 2015.

The photo shows Tristan Government UK Representative Chris Carnegy (left) with Jonathan Brown outside the FCO in Whitehall on 27th August when they met to discuss Tristan business.


Tristan Represented at London's VE Day 70th Commemoration
Report and Photos from Chris Carnegy
Tristan was part of the UK's great national commemoration that marked the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day


The island's UK Representative Chris Carnegy was in Westminster Abbey on May 10th for a service of thanksgiving, in the presence of the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and other senior members of the Royal Family. Chris says 'the World War Two veterans were the stars of the show, reminding us all of the dedication and sacrifice of that heroic generation. And in the Abbey I thought of HMS Atlantic Isle and the profound changes the war heralded on Tristan. Like every part of what was then the Empire, Tristan did its duty. It's been an extraordinary privilege to represent Tristan on such a special day'.

Above: Chris outside Westminster Abbey
Left: Churchill looms over the crowds in Parliament Square.
Tristan's flag was among those flown for the VE Day events.

Tristan Represented at March London FCO Heads of Public Service Meeting
Report from Chris Carnegy

Tristan's UK Representative Chris Carnegy attended a London gathering of the top civil servants from across the Overseas Territories. The Heads of Public Service meeting explored how OTs can best run government affairs, despite the challenges of isolation and limited resources. Finance, accountability, safeguarding and skills sharing were all on the agenda.

FCO photo right shows Chris fourth from the left alongside James Duddridge, Minister for the OTs, sixth from the left.

The two-day meeting, held at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on March 23rd and 24th, received a visit from James Duddridge, minister for the Overseas Territories (OTs) in the Westminster Government. Chris was able to question him about UK support for OTs. Chris was representing Administrator Alex Mitham who couldn't attend because of the distances involved; he'll report back to Alex on what he learned from the sessions.

Commonwealth Day on Tristan and in London: Monday 9th March 2015
The Commonwealth Flag flew for the first time on Tristan da Cunha to mark the 2015 Commonwealth Day
- see 2015 Community News

Commonwealth Day Observance in Westminster Abbey

Back in London, Tristan was part of a very special occasion to mark the day in Westminster Abbey. The island's UK representative Chris Carnegy attended the Observance for Commonwealth Day, in the presence of The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and Camilla, and Prince William and Kate. Chris said "Tristan had a privileged position at the very centre of events in the Abbey. It's wonderful to feel our island is recognised in this way at such significant occasions".

Tristan da Cunha Desk Officer
We also feature here photos of Laura Benyohai who is the FCO Tristan da Cunha Desk Officer. Chris carnegy has prepared an article for the August Newsletter on Laura's work and we publish here images of Laura during a meeting with Chris on 4th March, also showing Tristan's presence in London.

Photos from Chris show:
The Tristan flag flying in Parliament Square
on 4th March

Above Right:
Laura near
Admiralty Arch
off Trafalgar Square
Right: Laura
Showing Tristan on a world map

Chris outside
Westminster Abbey
on 9th March

Tristan Government UK Team starts its work

New Tristan Government UK Representative Chris Carnegy and UK Adviser Jim Kerr
started their work on 1st January as
former Tristan Government UK Representative
Chris Bates MBE retired from his post.

The photo right shows, left to right,
Chris Carnegy, Jim Kerr, Chris Bates
with Tristan Chief Islander Ian Lavarello
in London in November 2014

Chris Carnegy's first overseas duty was to represent Tristan da Cunha at the Annual EU Overseas Countries and Territories Association (OCTA) Annual Ministerial Conference and Forum in the British Virgin Islands 26th-27th February 2015. We feature some background and news of this event on the EUOCTA 2015 Page

Chris Carnegy takes up executive post
in UK Overseas Territories Association
At the AGM of the UK Overseas Territories Association (UKOTA), held on Thursday 12th February in London, Chris Carnegy, Tristan da Cunha UK Representative was elected as the Honorary Treasure. He joins the executive team led by Chair Sukey Cameron MBE, representing the Falkland Islands Government and and alongside Honorary Secretary Kedell Worboys MBE representing St. Helena.

The UKOTA was formed in 1994, on the initiative of the Falklands and Gibraltar Governments, with strong support from the Government of the Cayman Islands. The Association exists to promote the interests of the UK Overseas Territories and co-operation between them. It aims to promote partnership both between the territories, and between individual territories and the UK. The Territories represented on UKOTA are: Ascension Island, Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat, Pitcairn, St. Helena, Tristan da Cunha and Turks and Caicos Islands.

In their work, UKOTA were able to attract focus from HMG on the OTs and that led to the first White Paper on the Overseas Territories in 2002 and they were very much involved in the White paper of 2012. The Association works closely with the Foreign Office in the preparations for the annual Joint Ministerial Council (JMC) and with the Political Leaders of the Territories, organises the pre-JMC meetings and the annual Political Council meeting.

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