Island departments celebrate Christmas as they break-up from work

Break-Up Day 2018

Photos from Dawn Repetto
Holiday Programme Dates from Cynthia Green

Government Departments enjoyed the traditional Break-Up Day on Friday 21st December as they started the three-week Christmas and New Year Holiday. Work begins again on Monday 14th January 2019.

St Mary's School broke up on Friday 14th and the Island Store closed on Wednesday 19th December. Thursday 20th December was the last day of opening for the Internet Cafe and, surprisingly for those elsewhere in the world, the Albatross Bar, which will also remain closed until 14th January.

Islanders are well aware of these arrangements and stock up on festive food and drinks, as catering is based at home and at huts around the Potato Patches during the holidays.

Island Store staff and friends raise a glass to a Merry Christmas

Fishing Factory staff gather for their party
Staff tour other parties
H'admin staff relaxing A reminder that it's summer and people are really happy to be breaking-up for Christmas! Cheers!

Forward Programme

Church Services

At St Mary's Anglican Church Midnight Mass and Blessing of the Crib is at 11.30pm on Monday 24th December, and a Morning Service at 8.00am on Tuesday 25th December.

At St Joseph’s Catholic Church Midnight Mass is at at 11.30pm on Monday 24th December and a Morning Service at 9.00am on Tuesday 1st January.

Old Year's Night

The Administrator has invited everyone to the Residency for drinks between 6.00pm and 7.00pm. Thereafter everyone is invited to the residence of the Acting Chief Islander, Emma Swain.

We aim to publish more photo-reports of the Christmas and New Year Holiday in the coming days.