The cruise ship MS Europa 2 called at Tristan da Cunha on the 11th January 2018 during a trans-Atlantic voyage.

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The MS Europa 2 calls at Tristan

Report and photo from Sean Burns

MS Europa 2 sailing by Edinburgh of the Seven Seas

MS Europa 2 sailing past the settlement.

On Wednesday 10th January 2018 we received 18 hours notice that a cruise ship, the MS Europa 2 would like to drop anchor at Tristan. She was on a voyage from Buenos Aires to Cape Town, and was carrying over 300 passengers. Given the weather forecast, they had no plans to land passengers ashore, but did ask if the island teams could go aboard.

Despite the short notice and with Break-Up still on (so lots of people out camping),  Dawn Repetto and Iris Green mobilised the Tourism and Post Office teams, and made plans to go out to visit the ship and sell them cards, handicrafts and stamps. Conrad Glass did the same to ensure that passports could be stamped.

Sadly, a review of the harbour by the Harbourmaster Jack Green first thing confirmed that it was too dangerous to go out, so sadly, she just sailed by and gave us three hoots of the horn! As it happened the weather picked up considerably, and by the afternoon we had 4 metre swells and high winds.

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