Report and photos of the final visit of the RMS St Helena to the Tristan on 4th-6th January 2018.

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Last Voyage to Tristan by the RMS St Helena

Photos from Dawn Repetto and Sean Burns

The RMS St Helena was originally due to arrive at Tristan da Cunha on Wednesday 3th January 2018 for a planned three day visit and its last ever voyage to the islands. Sea conditions at Tristan were rough, so it was decided to make a detour to Gough Island, and to delay arrival for a shortened stay on the 4th January. However, conditions were marginal on that day, and only the Governor and returning islanders were able to land. In another detour, passengers were taken to circumnavigate Nightingale and Inaccessible Islands.

Thankfully the RMS stayed for an extra day on Saturday 6th and we were successful with a landing. There was a bit of wind, which made disembarkation from the ship a bit slow, and it took about 4 hours to get those off who wanted to come ashore. Venues were open, but because of the short time, it was not possible to do any of the longer visitors' activities. Everyone explored the village at their leisure, and those with connections to the island met up with old friends. The ship asked for everyone back at 2pm, as again it would take a few hours to re-embark. The ship sailed away for the last time that evening.

Disembarking from the RMS St Helena. Transferring ashore from the RMS St Helena
Disembarking via the rope ladder and RIB is sometimes not for the faint-hearted.

Passengers arriving in Calshot Harbour on the RIB.

Passengers arriving in Calshot Harbour on the RIB.

Finally on solid ground. Visiting the CTBTO Station.
Visitors finally reach solid ground. Visiting the CTBTO Station.
Visitors in Café da Cunha. Visitors in the Post Office.
Taking refreshments in Café da Cunha and shopping in the Post Office .

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