Final group of Galliford Try contractors depart Tristan as the Healthcare Centre is completed.

Contractors Depart as centre is completed

Photos from Barry Davies and Dawn Repetto

Crew members from MV Pacific Askari view
the new Healthcare Centre on 6th June 2017.
Above : Left to right - Galliford Try Project Manager Mark Aimson, Pacific Askari Captain David Williams and three members of the crew. Captain David Williams and Tristan Government Clerk of Works Barry Davies with two members of crew.
The Conservation RIB Arctic Tern
about to depart Calshot Harbour on 8th June 2017
with the last of the Galliford Try contractors and fellow passengers Sean and Marina Burns.
MV Pacific Askari, used throughout the project to transport the Galliford Try contractors, prepares to leave the island on 8th June 2017 to mark the end of the Camogli Healthcare Centre construction.