St Mary's School Class 3 visit the island's fish factory on as part of their geography studies

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St Mary's School Class 3 visit the Tristan Fish Factory

Report and photos from teacher Len Street

Class 3 students during their factory tour on 20th February 2017

On Monday 20th February Class 3, along with head teacher Miss Anne and geography teacher Len Street participated in an educational visit of the Crayfish factory.

As part of their geography studies, students are studying a unit about employment and economic activity, and with the fish factory being so vital to the island's economy it seemed a great opportunity to organise a visit.

On arriving at the factory, students and staff where welcomed by factory manager Eric McKenzie, who provided a special and comprehensive behind the scenes tour covering the manufacturing process in terms of inputs and outputs, plus the export market for the final product. Eric also spoke about Crayfish Jasus tristani ecology and conservational considerations regarding the maintaining of a healthy and sustainable population for the future.

The visit was a huge success, and some students even got to visit family members at work. Eric seemed both pleased and surprised by the depth and quality of the questions he was being asked. Finally the school would like to extend its thanks to Eric and his team for allowing the visit to go ahead.

Dressing in adult clothing Comparing male and female crawfish, crayfish or Tristan Lobster
Focused attention during the tour In the freezer