Recent Yacht Visits to Tristan da Cunha
News and photos of recent yacht visits to the world's most remote community.

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Sail Ho!

Was the traditional cry when a sailing vessel was sighted off Tristan and the prospect of trade created excitement in the village. Today Tristan is a popular port of call for the few intrepid yacht crews that brave South Atlantic waters. This page highlights recent vists by yachts.

If you are thinking about yachting to Tristan, please read the Information for Visiting Ships and Yachts first. You will be made very welcome, but you should not just arrive without prior notice.

Arrival of Yacht Zephyr

The yacht Zephyr called at Tristan on the 15th September 2017 on its way from Salvador, Brazil to Cape Town.
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Visit of the yacht Pelagic Australis

The yacht Pelagic Australis called at Tristan on the 23rd May 2017.
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Yacht 'Lejos' Sinks NW of Tristan

The yacht 'Lejos' on a solo voyage from Mar del Plata to Cape Town sank 260 miles NW of Tristan. The sailor was rescued.
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Yacht Sea Oyster calls at Tristan

The yacht Sea Oyster called at Tristan on the 23rd March 2017 on its way back from the Cape2Rio race.
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Norman Glass gains Yachtmaster Ocean qualification

Tristan islander Norman Glass gains yacht skipper qualification after six month course
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Cape 2 Rio 2017 yacht racers call at Tristan on their way home

Yachts Rotary Scout and Scatterling called at Tristan on the 17th February 2017, while other yachts returning from the race passed nearby.
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