Tristan da Cunha Visit News
News of cruises, ships and yachts visiting Tristan da Cunha.

Visit of HMS Portland and RFA Gold Rover in January 2017

Report and photographs from Shirley Squibb and Kelly Burns

Early evening Saturday 14th January the RFA Gold Rover sailed into the island followed by the HMS Portland. Both ships anchored offshore ready to land personnel the following day.

Early Sunday morning the Harbour Master assessed the swell at the harbour so he could notify all involved that it was a suitable day. Two local boats ferryed the 250 personnel back and forth and the Island Store, Albatross Bar and Post and Tourism Centre were open for business. Visitors benefited from a trek to the 1961 Volcano, a round of golf and a game of football arranged by the Tourism Department. Food and drink were enjoyed at Café da Cunha while gifts were bought at the 37 Degrees South Gift Shop, and mail posted at the Post Office. Guests stopped off and took pleasure in cool refreshments at the remotest pub as they explored the settlement. At 4:30pm the Administrator held a reception at the residency before the visitors embarked back to their ships at 6pm. Both ships departed shortly after.

HMS Portland RFA Gold Rover
HMS Portland anchored offshore. RFA Gold Rover anchored offshore.
The Navy v Tristan football match.
The Navy v Tristan football match.
Ferrying crew between ship and shore Shopping for souvenirs in the gift shop.
Ferrying crew between ship and shore. Shopping for souvenirs in the gift shop.

Yacht Roks seeks assistance on 24th November 2016

Report and photos from Dawn Repetto
On Thursday 24th November 2016 we had a visit from Yacht Roks.  The catamaran yacht had been experiencing some problems and had to call at Tristan for diesel fuel and supplies. She arrived on Monday 21st but weather was not suitable to make a landing until three days later. The three crew members onboard were South African. A 3 month yacht delivery trip has turned into 8 months due to problems experienced with the yacht. Thank fully diesel and supplies were taken on yesterday and one of the island mechanics visited the yacht to assist with a few mechanical problems. The yacht left the same evening bound for Cape Town.


1st Yacht of 2016/17 summer season

Photos from Kelly Burns

The first yacht of the season arrived on 13th October 2016, but unluckily the rough sea conditions prevented the crew from landing. The yacht is 'Nomade Des Mers', is French and had four French crew aboard. The following day was good news for the yachters, as they were able to land and spend the day exploring the settlement and Potato Patches, shown around by compatriot Léo Duval who is the new CTBTO Station Manager. The yacht departed mid afternoon on Saturday 15th on calm seas en-route to Cape Town.

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2016 SA Agulhas Voyage

Report of the annual voyage of the SA Agulhas II, which visited the Tristan Group between 7th September and 30th September 2016.
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Winter return of Yacht Pelagic Australis on 9th June 2016

The yacht Pelagic Australis visited Tristan da Cunha on the 9th June 2016.
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Visit of Yacht Santa Maria Australis

The yacht Santa Maria Australis visited Tristan da Cunha on the 8th May 2016.
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Historic final visit of RMS St Helena to Tristan da Cunha

Report and photos of the visit of the RMS St Helena to the Tristan Islands on 19th-20th April 2016, including the visit of the new Governor Designate.
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Visit of the sailing ship Bark Europa to Tristan, April 2016

Report and photos of the visit of the sailing ship Bark Europa to the Tristan Islands on 13th - 14th April 2016
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