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Tristan da Cunha's Tourism Department

Tristan's Tourism Co-Ordinator Dawn Repetto
can be reached by email on

and check out the Tristan Tourism Direct Facebook Page

British Garrison Geo Trail launched on 14th August 2016 to celebrate the bicentenary of British rule - see British Garrison Geo Trail

The Post Office and Tourism Team in 2016:
(left to right): Kelly Burns, Shirley Squibb, Lillie Swain,
Janine Lavarello, Dawn Repetto (Head of Tourism and Heritage),
Tina Glass, Iris Green (Head of Post Office Department),
and Caryn Green.

Post Office and Tourism Team

Farewell Drinks For Marina Burns
Report from Tina Glass

On Tuesday 17th September the Post Office and Tourism staff invited Marina Burns for a farewell drink in appreciation
for all her help. Over the past three years
Marina has volunteered to help out on numerous occasions
at the Post Office and Tourism Centre.
The staff all were very grateful and appreciated
all her hard work and time she gave up to help.
Marina fitted right in and became a valued special friend…
So special she is now a tiddy.
Thank you tiddy Marina for everything and good luck for the future.
Come back see us soon……

At the party, left to right: Natasha Glass, Caryn Green, Tina Glass, Marina Burns, Iris Green
Photo: Dawn Repetto

Tristan's Coffee Shop

has now become

Café da Cunha

The name Café da Cunha was chosen
by Bob Carse from Dundee in Scotland
and Bob's prize of a Tristan Recipe Book
will follow on the next ship.

Congratulations Bob!

Photograph left shows Bob
helping himself to pudding
at The Residency. Perhaps he'll be back for 'afters' in Café da Cunha soon!

Bob is a Tristan Association member and a great friend of Islanders. He made his 12th and final visit as Dental Technician in 2012

The venue until March 2013 was known as 'The Coffee Shop'. After opening in 2010 it has in fact sold tea and other refreshments,
including crayfish sandwiches and hot meals. Special events, like retirement parties or receptions have been held here. So the new name
Café da Cunha seems far more appropriate and will perhaps make the resident French manager of the CTBTO Station feel more at home.

New Path to 1961 Volcano Opened
report and pictures from Tina Glass

A new path has been made to the 1961 volcano summit following the landslide which made the old route behind the volcano dangerous. The project was led by Neil Swain (Head of Agriculture Department) and Joseph Green, (Head of Mechanical Department).Lots of hard work was put into this with a big channel cut up through the volcano with the island's digging machine driven by Duncan Lavarello. Once this channel was completed a path leading to the summit was cut manually by a Government work force.

The path was officially opened on Friday 16th March 2012 at 11am. The ceremony was conducted by lay minister Lars Repetto and present were the Administrator Sean Burns, Marina Burns, and Kelly Burns, Chief Islander Ian Lavarello. Dawn Repetto, Iris Green, Joseph Green and Neil Swain.

The path is accessed by taking the road over the 1961 lava flow towards Pigbite, with the 1961 volcano summit path starting just before the turn to the island's refuse site.

The new path
Group assembled at the summit
Left to right: Iris Green, Sean Burns, Kelly Burns, Marina Burns, Ian Lavarello, Lars Repetto, Neil Swain, Joseph Green
St Mary's Church Lay Reader Lars Repetto
blessing the new path

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Introducing Tristan's new Tourism Co-ordinator

Dawn Repetto, pictured left, was appointed Tourism Co-ordinator in March 2009. Dawn has been busy during the cruise ship season, and has written reports of several visits which can be viewed on the Cruise News Page.

Dawn is married to Robin, and they have two children, Jade and Amber. Educated in St Mary's School until 1991, and obtaining Grade A in Tristan Studies, Dawn also attended Ashley Down School in Bristol 1982/3 whilst her mother, Education Officer Marlene Swain was undergoing teacher training in England. She travelled to study in the Prince Andrew School on St Helena in 1992 and their obtained GCSEs in English, Maths, Human Biology, Religious Education and Accounts in 1994. Returning to Tristan in 1995, Dawn worked as Head Clerk in the PWD Department until 1999, when she joined the Finance Department.

Dawn travelled with Robin and Jade to England for a year (2003-4) where she studied at Filton College, Bristol, and obtained a BTEC in Management Studies and a NVQ Level 2 in Accounting to add to her RSA Computing and ECDL (European Computer Driving License) qualifications.

Dawn enjoys a challenge and meeting new people, so will relish the opportunity to introduce visitors to Tristan in her new role.

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