The new Ovenstones fishing vessel MV Geo-Searcher departed Cape Town on 8th April 2017

MV Geo-Searcher makes its maiden voyage to Tristan da Cunha

Report from Cynthia Green on 13th April

MV Geo-Searcher departing Gdańsk on 6th December 2016
Photo from Ovenstones Managing Director Anndrew James

The new Ovenstones fishing vessel MV Geo-Searcher left Cape Town on Saturday 8th April on her maiden voyage to Tristan da Cunha and she is expected to arrive at the island on Saturday 14th April.

Passengers on board are: Islanders Adrian Swain and Michelle Green, Ovenstones Managing Director Andrew James and Justice Tebogo Saaiman, who is a new member of the Gough Island team.

Geo-Searcher takes over from MV Edinburgh as Ovenstone's principal outer-islands fishing vessel and this end of season trip will provide a trial for the vessel, which has been converted to a fishing ship.

After off-loading MV Geo-Searcher will embark on trial fishing at Inaccessible and Gough Islands. A small quantity of lobster has been left in the water at these islands by MV Edinburgh to provide a realistic trial before the newly acquired vessel returns for the 'big season' in August. Joining the vessl at Tristan will be Erik Mackenzie, who has been Tristan Fishing Factory Manager since August 2005. Erik will oversee the fishing trial and pass on factory management to Clinton da Bod who arrived on Tristan aboard MV Baltic Trader recently.