MV Baltic Trader departed Tristan on 12th April 2017 bound for Cape Town.

Baltic Trader returns to Cape Town

Report from Cynthia Green on 13th April 2017

Passengers went on board the Baltic Trader at about 11am on Wednesday 12th April 2017and she sailed for Cape Town at 5pm. Passengers aboard are: Islanders Jody, Shirley & Charlie Squibb, Ken & Judy Green and Gladys Lavarello, Dr. Alex & Sally Wonner, Sue Harvey and Alasdair Wyllie.

MV Baltic Trader was thought to have made its final Tristan voyage in 2016, but has returned twice to Tristan since, as there has been a delay in preparing the new Ovenstone fishing vessel MV Geo-Searcher.

Shirley Squibb's 2016 photo of the MV Baltic Trader