Tristan da Cunha Island Council
The Island Council consists of the Administrator as President, plus three appointed and eight elected members. At least one member of the council must be a woman.

Dr Anja Smit honoured by Island Council
Report and photo from Cynthia Green

At the Island Council Meeting held on 2nd June 2015, Dr Anja Smit was presented with a plaque from the Chief Islander on behalf of the Community thanking her for all the hard work
and support she gave to the island during her time as Medical Officer.

The photo shows Dr Smit holding her Tristan plaque with Island Councillors, Acting Administrator Chris Standing and Commercial Officer Matthew Byrne.

Photo shows left to right:
Chief Islander Ian Lavarello, Warren Glass, Iris Green, Lorraine Repetto, Joanne Green, Gerald Repetto, Beverley Swain,
Dr Anja Smit, Chris Standing (behind), Neil Swain, Conrad Glass and behind Matthew Byrne.

Tristan Island Council sitting on and behind a
new bench presented by HE Governor Mark Capes to mark the 50th Anniversary of the island's re-settlement
when he visited aboard RMS St Helena in November 2013
prior to their last 2013 meeting on 19th December.
Photo from Geraldine Repetto shows left to right:
Seated on the bench: Neil Swain, Acting Chief Islander Lorraine Repetto and Beverley Swain
Standing behind: Conrad Glass, Leon Glass, Iris Green, Warren Glass, Emma Swain, Joanne Green, Gerald Repetto, Chief Executive Officer Kobus Potgieter and Administrator and President of the Island Council Alex Mitham

Photo by Chief Executive Officer Kobus Potgieter of the Island Council
on the occasion of Administrator Sean Burns' final council meeting on 19th September 2013
Left to Right - Front Row: Iris Green, Ian Lavarello, Sean Burns, Lorraine Repetto, Beverley Swain
Back Row: Conrad Glass, Leon Glass, Gerald Repetto, Warren Glass, Neil Swain, Emma Swain and Joanne Green

Meeting of the new 2013-2016 Island Council on 11th March 2013
Front seated at table: Beverley Swain, Administrator Sean Burns, Chief Islander Ian Lavarello
Back left to right: Emma Swain, Joanne Green, Lorraine Repetto, Leon Glass, Warren Glass,
Gerald Repetto, Neil Swain, Geraldine Repetto (Council Clerk)

Absent Councillors were Iris Green and Conrad Glass who were both overseas.
Photograph by Chief Executive Officer Kobus Potgieter
Island Council Election 2013
No election ballot necessary as only eight Island Councillors are nominated
Ian Lavarello remains as Chief Islander - elected for second consecutive term
Three further councillors appointed by Administrator Sean Burns on 4th March

Administrator Sean Burns announced on Tuesday 26th February that there will be no need for a ballot for the Island Council election in 2013 as only eight nominations were received for the eight vacant places. So the following Tristan Islanders have been elected to serve as Island Councilors from March 2013 – February 2016 :

  1. Leon Glass
  2. Warren Glass
  3. Joanne Green
  4. Ian Lavarello
  5. Gerald Repetto
  6. Beverley Swain
  7. Emma Swain
  8. Neil Swain

The new elected Island Council is remarkable as only the Chief Islander Ian Lavarello served on the old 2010-2013 Council.

A further three Island Councilors were appointed by the Administrator Sean Burns on 4th March:

  1. Iris Green
  2. Conrad Glass
  3. Lorraine Repetto

completing the 11 members of the Island Council to serve from 2013 - 2016

In the separate election for Chief Islander, the existing Chief Islander Ian Lavarello was returned unopposed as no other nominations were received, so Ian will serve a second term of three years from 2013 – 2016.

See the Chief Islander Page for details of past Chief Islanders.

We hope to publish a picture of the new Island Council when they meet.
Island Council 2010 - 2013

Photograph of the Tristan Island Council
taken by Tina Glass
before meeting on 28th November 2012

and showing left to right:
Administrator & Chairman of the Council Sean Burns,
Iris Green, Marion Green, Dawn Repetto (front),
Lorraine Repetto (behind), Anne Green (front),
Robin Repetto (behind),
Chief Executive Officer Kobus Potgeiter,
Dereck Rogers, Conrad Glass, Beverley Repetto, Steve Cole (from Pew Trust), and Sam Kent (Agriculture Adviser).
Absent Councillors were
Chief Islander Ian Lavarello and James Glass.

New Island Councillors Announced
Administrator David Morley published a Public Notice on Monday 3rd May 2010
announcing the new Island Council elected to serve until 2013.

Chief Islander
Ian Lavarello

Ian Lavarello, Robin Repetto, Marion Green,
Beverley Repetto, Dereck Rogers, James Glass, Lorraine Repetto, Iris Green,
Dawn Repetto, Conrad Glass, Anne Green

New Chief Islander Elected
Following an election organised by Presiding Officer Jim Kerr held on 12th April 2010, Ian Lavarello has been declared the new Chief Islander. 39 year old Ian is the first Lavarello to be Chief Islander and works for the Public Works Department.

See the separate Chief Islander Page for further information on Tristan da Cunha's Chief Islander.
New Island Council yet to be confirmed
There being insufficient nominations no election was held for the Island Council as planned on 10th March 2010. Names of the new Island Councillors are yet to be finalised due to a complication in the electoral process, but the new Council will consist of existing Councillors, new nominations and as usual three Councillors nominated by the President of the Council Administrator David Morley. This list will be published here as soon as possible.

Island Council Election planned for 10th March 2010
Administrator David Morley has announced plans for the 2010 Island Council Election. The Constitution states that the Administrator must dissolve Council no later than 3 years following the dissolution of the previous Council on 21st February 2007, prior to the previous election on 19th March 2007. So David will be dissolving Council on 15 February and has received the Governor's specific approval to do this.
Education Adviser Jim Kerr has agreed to be Presiding Officer. Jim is well versed in Tristan da Cunha’s Government, and was Acting Administrator during his term as Education Officer. The election must be held no later than one month following dissolution, and is planned for Wednesday 10th March. An election will only be needed if more than eight candidates are nominated. If not more than eight (including at least one woman) are nominated then they will immediately be returned unopposed.
Nominations for Council must be made not more than 21 days and not less than 14 days before Election Day. So nominations will take place on Tuesday 23rd February and the nominees announced to the public on the following day.
If not enough people stand, the retiring Councillors will be deemed to have been returned unopposed, except those who have decided not to serve again.  An election will be held if necessary.
There is a separate ballot for the position of Chief Islander, held at the same time. Again, an election will only be necessary if there is more than one candidate. Following the election of the eight including the Chief Islander, David will then nominate three more Councillors of his own choice, subject to the Governor's approval. This brings the number of Councillors to eleven, plus David Morley as President.
Unlike the UK General Election, the Tristan da Cunha Island Council Election is low-key. Rival candidates are inter-related and often from the same family. Chief Islander Conrad Glass will return from his UK trip on the first incoming ship of 2010 scheduled to arrive on 3rd March, a week before polling day.

The 2009 Tristan da Cunha Constitution clarifies the future of the Island Council

By enabling the existing elected council to continue in its work after 1st September 2009 :

12.  Any person who immediately before the appointed day is a member of the Island Council of Tristan da Cunha in accordance with a law in force in Tristan da Cunha shall on that day become a member of the Island Council established by the Constitution, shall be deemed to have taken any oath or affirmation required by law, and shall hold his or her seat in accordance with any such law.

By clarifying the Island Council's role in giving advice to the Governor (through a resident Administrator appointed by the Governor) and setting out how Island Councillors can proceed if the Governor acts contrary to that advice :

Power to make laws

216.—(1) The Governor, acting after consultation with the Island Council, may make laws for the peace, order and good government of Tristan da Cunha.

(2) The Governor shall not be obliged to act in accordance with the advice of the Island Council in exercising his or her powers under subsection (1), but in any case where the Governor acts contrary to the advice of the Council any member of the Council shall have the right to submit his or her views on the matter to a Secretary of State.

The full constitution can be viewed via a link on the Tristan in Parliament Page.
See also associated articles on the Government News, and Tristan Constitution pages.

Meeting of the Island Council on 13th November 2007
in the Council Chamber

End of Table - David Morley (President)
Left hand side (front to back) - James Glass, Lewis Glass, Lillie Swain, Ian Lavarello, Robin Repetto & Lorraine Repetto

Right hand side (front to back) - Dereck Rogers, Harold Green, Anne Green, Iris Green & Conrad Glass

Photograph from Cynthia Green
See also view of the Island Council with Heads of Department taken on the same day on our separate Heads of Department Page

New Island Council's First Meeting

The Island Council outside the Administration Building
(sometimes called ‘ Whitehall ’) before their first meeting on 20 th April 2007

Left to right :
Administrator Mike Hentley who is President of the Council, Chief Islander Conrad Glass, Lewis Glass, Ian Lavarello, Robin Repetto, Lily Swain, Dereck Rogers , Lorraine Glass, Iris Green, Anne Green and Harold Green.

Photo from Thierry Assef

New Island Council Elected
Following Island Council Elections on Monday 19th March 2007,
the Island Council consists of the following elected members :

Chief Islander Conrad Glass ( Head of Police Department),
James Glass (Head of Agriculture and Natural Resources Department),
Lorraine Repetto and Iris Green of the Finance Department,
Postmaster Ian Lavarello and Lillie Swain also from the Post Office,
Dereck Rogers the Agricultural & Veterinary Officer,
and Robin Repetto, an electrician working for PWD.
In addition Administrator Mike Hentley has appointed three former Chief Islanders to join the new council :
Lewis Glass, Anne Green and Harold Green
See also Government News for details of Election Day 2007

The Island Council in November 2006

From left are: Mike Hentley (President) , Amanda Swain , Marion Green , Dilys Green , Joanne Green , Neil Swain (back), Carlene Glass-Green (front), Leon Glass and former Chief Islander Lewis Glass (Vice President)

Not in the photo are :

Chief Islander Anne Green & Trevor – who were in Cape Town & Edward Rogers who was on leave .

300th Island Council Meeting
Pictured left is the Island Council photographed in the Residency after their 300th meeting on Thursday 22nd June 2004.

From left to right :
Mike Hentley (Administrator & President of the Council), Dilys Green, Trevor Glass, Anne Green (Chief Islander and Leader of the Island Council), Amanda Swain, Lewis Glass (Deputy President), Marion Green, Neil Swain and Edward Rogers.
Carlene Glass-Green, Joanne Green & Leon Glass were absent.

21st Century Island Council
There are no political parties or trade unions on Tristan. However, democracy is alive and well in the form of an Island Council consisting of the Administrator as President, plus three appointed and eight elected members. At least one member of the council must be a woman.
The elected member with the most votes is appointed Chief Islander, currently Anne Green, who is Deputy Head and senior class teacher at St Mary's School, who serves as Acting Administrator when Mike Hentley is on leave.
When first appointed, the Island Council select a Vice President (currently Lewis Glass). Members are also appointed to the Council's Sub Committees , which supervise a range of activities and submit regular reports for the Council to consider at future meetings.

The Tristan da Cunha Coat of Arms is shown right >

Government Building
The only 2 storey building on the island (the lower floor houses the Police Department) is sometimes referred to as 'Whitehall' or the 'H'admin Building' and contains the Administrator's Office, Treasury Department, Administration Offices and the Council Chamber where Island Council meetings are held.