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Old Tristan Bank Notes cashed at the Bank of England

Dogged determination for dog-eared island banknotes

Report and Photo from Tristan da Cunha Government UK Representative Chris Carnegy

People can easily forget the countless challenges that extreme remoteness will bring. Here’s one example: with no commercial bank, how does Tristan ensure that the cash notes in circulation on the island are up to date?

The answer is that a variety of informal systems are used to exchange banknotes, and in November 2017 that included me. I formally presented a stock of old notes for deposit in the island’s UK bank facility. But notes worth in total £100 were rejected as being too damaged, after a lifetime in circulation on the island.

I love a challenge, so I tracked down the ‘last resort’ bank counter at the Bank of England, and took the ragged notes there. I wasn’t expecting to be greeted by a friendly doorman in pink tailcoat and top hat!

The helpful Bank staff rapidly swapped the dog-eared notes for crisp new currency to swell the island’s coffers. All part of the day’s work!

Photo shows Chris with the dog-eared notes with the friendly doorman at the Bank of England.

House of Commons motion congratulates Tristan Post Office

Report direct from UK Parliament Website

Early day motion 493

Decline of Northern Rockhopper Penguin in Tristan da Cunha

  • Session: 2017-19
  • Date tabled: 01.11.2017
  • Primary sponsor: Rosindell, Andrew
  • Sponsors:
    • Shannon, Jim
    • Blackman, Bob
    • Cunningham, Jim
    • Gaffney, Hugh

That this House congratulates Mrs Iris Green, the Post Mistress of the world's most remote inhabited island and her colleagues from the UK Overseas Territory of Tristan da Cunha for their unstinting work to make the world aware of the danger to its unique wildlife and their habitats with the issuing of a new set of postage stamps released this autumn highlighting the decline on the Tristan Archipelago of the numbers of the Northern Rockhopper Penguin, where 85 per cent of the world's population of this critically endangered species are to be found; congratulates the Tristan Post Office for consistently drawing attention to the global significance of the islands' unique wildlife; and commends the territory for issuing such beautiful postage stamps since 1953, so prized by collectors, conservationists and by many others around the world.

Northern Rockhopper Penguin, First Day Cover

The First Day Cover of the Northern Rockhopper Penguin Stamp Issue
referred to in the early day motion on 1st November 2017

Creating a Blue Belt around the Tristan da Cunha Islands

Update on progress towards a bespoke marine protection zone by 2020
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Tristan question in the House of Lords

Lord Shutt makes a plea for better Tristan internet access.
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Film showing Kieran Glass in New York

UNESCO publishes short film showcasing the World Heritage Sites Ocean Day Pledge made in June 2017
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Tristan Flag flies in London on Anniversary Day 2017

The Tristan flag flew over the Foreign and Commonwealth, London, on Anniversary Day, 14th August 2017.
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National Geographic Pristine Seas Film Premiere in London

Reception at the Royal Geographical Society on 27th July 2017
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Key Stakeholders meet to discuss Tristan's Blue Belt Commitment

Workshop held at the London FCO for Tristan to plan its strategy to protect its marine environment by 2020.
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Tristan represented at Overseas Territories Brexit talks

Tristan Government UK Adviser Chris Carnegy attends four days of OT's Brexit talks in London.
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