Story of the building of an outside toilet for the Thatched House Museum, which gives overnight visitors an authentic taste of old time Tristan life.

Building the Thatched House's Toilet

Building Work in February-March 2013

Photos from Dawn Repetto

General view looking west from the
1961 lava flow with the thatched house
in the centre on 17th February
Side walls go in
27th February
The toilet back wall takes shape
The roof and door frame go on the new toilet built on the east side of the new traditional thatched house
Readers will be intrigued by future plumbing and sewage arrangements to be installed later!

More work on the outside toilet

Photos from Dawn Repetto of the famous Tristan pensioners lugging a boulder or two on 13th March 2013

Thatching the Traditional Thatched House Toilet

Just the place for a leak perhaps?

Photos taken on 5th April 2013 by Tina Glass

Thatched House Museum Toilet Completed

Pictures from Tina Glass

Images taken on 26th April of the traditional thatched toilet with a modern WC Loo with a view !