The MV Le Lyrial, the Bark Europa and the yacht Jonathan arrived at Tristan on the 16th March 2019

Three Visitors to Tristan on One Day

Photos from Aniket Sardana

Three vessels arrived off the Edinburgh of the Seven Seas on Saturday 16th March 2019.
The Silver Cloud is expected next week.

MV Le Lyrial

MV Le Lyrial (with the yacht in the foreground) is spending a day at Tristan and
a day circumnavigating the outer islands before continuing on to Cape Town.

Bark Europa at sunset off Tristan da Cunha

Pictured at sunset, the Bark Europa is a regular visitor, and is spending
two days at Tristan before sailing on to Cape Town.

Yacht Jonathan anchored off Tristan on the 16th March 2019

A closer view of the yacht Jonathan, which arrived with two people aboard.

We expect to post more detailed individual visit reports for each of these vessels in due course.