News from the Post office, including new stamp issues, withdrawals and news sheets.

Stamp issue: Whaling and Sealing Ships

Issue date: 2nd December 2019

Whaling and Sealing Ships, 45p, The Frankin Whaling and Sealing Ships, 70p, The Francis Allyn Whaling and Sealing Ships, £1.15.15, The Stafford Whaling and Sealing Ships, £1.15.50p, The Eliza Adams
201911 Mint Stamps 45p, 70p, £1.15, £1.50) £3.80
201912 First Day Cover (with 45p, 70p, £1.15, £1.50 stamps) £4.80

Stamps showing US whaling and sealing ships that sailed with Tristanian crew in the 19th century.

Stamp issue: Vagrant Species Part 1

Issue date: 19th November 2019

Vagrant Species Part 1, 45p, Yellow-billed cuckoo Vagrant Species Part 1, 60p, Leopard Seal Vagrant Species Part 1, £1, Loggerhead turtle Vagrant Species Part 1, £2p, Indian yellow-nosed albatross
201909 Mint Stamps 45p, 60p, £1, £2) £4.05
201910 First Day Cover (with 45p, 60p, £1, £2 stamps) £5.05

Stamps showing some of the non-native species that occasionally turn up on Tristan's islands.

Last Withdrawal of 2016 Commemorative Stamp Issues

In line with the Tristan da Cunha Post Office's policy of destroying unsold stocks of stamps about 3 years after first issue, all 2016 issues will be withdrawn from stock for destruction this year.

The first three 2016 issues were withdrawn in June 2019. The following remaining 2016 commemorative issues will be withdrawn on Monday 4th November 2019:

The Post Office will stop taking orders for these issues after the 3rd November 2019.

Withdrawn Tristan da Cunha stamps being destroyed.

Right: Unsold stamps being destroyed during an earlier withdrawal exercise.

Below: The stamp sets to be withdrawn in November 2019.

Biodiversity Part I, 25p stamp Biodiversity Part I, 35p stamp Left: Biodiversity Part 1 Biodiversity Part II, 25p stamp Biodiversity Part II, 35p stamp
Biodiversity Part I, 45p stamp Biodiversity Part I, 60p stamp Right: Biodiversity Part 2 Biodiversity Part II, 45p stamp Biodiversity Part II, 60p stamp
Biodiversity Part I, 70p stamp Biodiversity Part I, £2 stamp Below: Peter Green and
the Wreck of the Emily
Biodiversity Part II, 70p stamp Biodiversity Part II, £2 stamp
  Peter Green and the Wreck of the Emily, £0.35 - Katwijk ann Zee Peter Green and the Wreck of the Emily, £0.50 - The wreck of the Emily Peter Green and the Wreck of the Emily, £1.00 - Peter Green's House Peter Green and the Wreck of the Emily, £1.60 - Head Man, 1857-1902  

Stamp issue: Island Life - Through Their Eyes

Stamps showing island life through the eyes of Tristan schoolchildren.
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New Postcards available from the Post Offce

The Post Office has nine new postcards featuring views of the Tristan islands and their wildlife.
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New Page: Tristan da Cunha Post Office Picture Postcards

Postcards of the Tristan da Cunha archipelago in the middle of the South Atlantic, available from the Post Office.
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The July 2019 Storm and the Post Office and Tourism Centre

Reports on damage within the Post Office and Tourism Centre, and progress with provision of alternative facilities.
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Stamp issue: 75th anniversary of D-Day

This set of stamps commemorates the 75th anniversary of D-Day.
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Withdrawal of 2016 Stamp Issues

The first three sets of stamps issued in 2016 are to be withdrawn in June 2019.
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