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Prince George's Christening stamp

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Augustus Earle stamp
MV Pequina stamp Tristan da Cunha Post Office Logo MV Pequina stamp

HMS Penguin stamp

Augustus Earle stamp

Stamp commemorating the centenary of Alice in Wonderland

Post Office and Tourism Team

USS Hornet stamp

Augustus Earle stamp

Queen Elizabeth at 90 stamp

The Team, Front (left to right): Rachel Green, Lillie Swain & Kelly Green;
Back: Caryn Green, Shirley Squibb, Jane Repetto, Iris Green (Head of Post Office Department) & Dawn Repetto (Head of Tourism and Heritage).

Iris, Lillie, Kelly and Caryn will receive, pack and dispatch your orders of stunning Tristan stamps and other Post Office products.
Dawn deals with enquiries for Handicrafts and Souvenirs.
Contact the Post Office by email: or phone: (44) 0203 014 5103
By post: Postmistress, Post Office, Tristan da Cunha, TDCU 1ZZ, South Atlantic Ocean, (Via Cape Town, South Africa)

About Tristan stamps

Tristan da Cunha did not have stamps until 1952, and the first ones were overprinted St Helena definitives. Essays priced in potatoes were however prepared in the 1940s as part of the petition for stamps. Before then, islanders had to rely on the good will of visiting ships. Tristan stamps have been popular with collectors ever since.

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Agents for the Production of Postage Stamps

Tristan stamp production is being handled on behalf of the Tristan da Cunha Post Office and Philatelic Bureau by Creative Direction (Worldwide) Ltd.

All parties involved in this arrangement are dedicated to ensuring that Tristan stamps are produced to the highest quality and that they appeal to our existing loyal collector base whilst also reaching a wide international market.