The last three sets of stamps issued in 2020 are to be withdrawn in November 2023.

Last Withdrawal of 2020 Commemorative Stamp Issues

In line with the Tristan da Cunha Post Office's policy of destroying unsold stocks of stamps about three years after first issue, all commemorative 2020 issues will be withdrawn from stock for destruction this year.

The following final three 2020 issues will be withdrawn in November 2023:

The Post Office will stop taking orders for these issues after the 21st November 2023.

Withdrawn Tristan da Cunha stamps being destroyed.

Right: Unsold stamps being destroyed during an earlier
withdrawal exercise.

The stamp sets to be withdrawn in
November 2023

Tristan healthcare, 45p, Mission House and ship's surgeon dental inspection Tristan healthcare, 70p, Station Hospital and immunisation Vagrant Species Part 2, 45p, Leatherback Turtle Vagrant Species Part 2, 60p, Purple Gallinule The Sword of Peace, £1, SAS Simon van der Stel
Tristan healthcare, £1.10, Camogli Hospital and consultation Tristan healthcare, £1.50, Camogli Healthcare Centre and operating Vagrant Species Part 2, £1, Black Witch Moth Vagrant Species Part 2, £2, King Penguin The Sword of Peace, £2, RFA Ennerdale
Mid Atlantic Healthcare Vagrant Species Part 2 The Sword of Peace