News of Tristan da Cunha's fleet of land vehicles providing transport in and around the world's most remote settlement on probably the world's shortest community road network.
Featuring news of Tristan da Cunha's fleet of land vehicles
providing transport in and around the world's most remote settlement
on probably the world's shortest community road network

Bill's Hill Bus Shelter Opens

Photos from
PWD Head of Department
Dave Hendrikse taken on
19th July 2012

Bill's Hill is the latest area of the Patches
to have its own bus shelter so that pensioners and others can have
somewhere to sit in the dry
while waiting for the bus service
connecting the Tristan Settlement
with The Patches.




Hottentot Bus Shelter's
latest facelift

Conrad Glass has provided three images of the new-look Hottentot Gulch Bus Stop Left - Anthony Rogers
waiting for the Patches Flier
Right - All aboard
Below - Another view

New Sign Erected

UK Tristan Government Representative Chris Bates noticed the frayed old London transport sign which used to mark the stop, alongside a simple bench. So he went about sourcing a traditional bus stop sign used in rural English locations. The sign arrived eventually and now has pride of place at the stop.

Chris has also sourced an American-style bus stop for the Patches end of the route but it's somewhere "in the post" between Alabama and Tristan!

Photos also show the new sign, with the words Hottentot Shelter flanked by pictures of a Rockhopper Penguin and a flying albatross.

Hottentot Bus Shelter Opens
Photograph from David Morley of his wife Jacki in the newly opened Hottentot Gulch Bus Shelter at the western end of the village. This is the island's first bus shelter and is designed to give the pensioners a dry wait before their free bus trips to the Patches.  This one is "Hottentot Shelter" - two more in the pipeline.  The shelter was funded by fees from the Spanish trawler crew member who needed help a few weeks ago (see Hospital News Page).

See also picture of the new bus below ....

Easy Rider image for Tristan Administrator ?

New Administrator David Morley shows off his new motor bike outside the island Administration Building on 31st October 2007.

In the background is the Administrator's Land Rover, but David is obviously going to reject its more sedate pace as he enjoys the island's longest drive to his weekend camping hut five miles away (on the island's only main road sometimes referred to as the M1) at The Bluff.

Or perhaps he will venture east over the 1961 lava flow, over the Pigbite outwash plain towards Big Point on the alternative 2 mile rough track?

Photo from Cynthia Green

Potato Patches Flier

Tristan's new Pensioner's Bus returning from the morning Settlement-Potato Patches run. It is pictured outside the Administration Building being driven by driver David Swain.

The Tristan Government provides a free bus service to pensioners on this route. It is believed to be the only public transport system operating on a South Atlantic island.

Photo. from Cynthia Green

A line-up of Tristan Government Vehicles

Left to right :
Administrator's Land-Rover
Fire Engine
Police Land-Rover (see below)

on 12th July 2005 (and 1st published in September 2005 Newsletter)

Safe Arrival

The new Police Land Rover being carefully lifted ashore from a barge on 10th June 2005.