Tristan da Cunha St Mary's School News 2015: Christmas Concert 2015
Photo report of the 2015 St Mary's School Christmas Concert.

Christmas Concert 2015

St Mary’s School 2015 Christmas Concert
Report and Photos from Dawn Repetto

Cover of the concert programme
Anne Green welcoming everybody

St Mary's Christmas Show was held on Monday 14th December at 6:30pm. It was very well attended and had everyone in fits of laughter. After Head Teacher Anne Green welcomed everybody the show started with a play called 'Once Upon a Time',
which was based on the Cinderella story, with a bit of a twist.

Ugly Sisters with Cinderella

More scenes from 'Once Upon a Time'

Final scenes from
'Once Upon a Time'
written and directed by
Poppy Lavarello and Anne-Marie Collins
see programme above for the cast list.

Playgroup and Class 1 perform
'Christmas Poem'.

Contemporary Dance

Above: Whole School singing the carol
'As I went riding by'.

Right: Classes 2 and 3 Line dancing

Scenes from 'Mammy's Cookie Problem'
written and directed by Renee Green.

Final scenes from 'Mammy's Cookie Problem and the appreciative audience
The Whole School singing ' Christmas is Here', left, and joined on the stage by Miss Anne, right.
Below- left: Administrator Alex Mitham gives a vote of thanks -
right, the audience stand to sing the National Anthem 'God Save the Queen'