Seabird World Cup 2020 - Rockhopper Penguin

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Northern Rockhopper Penguin wins Seabird World Cup 2020

Report from Stephanie Martin

The Seabird World Cup 2020 was part of the 6th World Seabird Twitter Conference last week. There was a chance for anyone on Twitter to vote. Tristan's Northern Rockhopper Penguin was in Group 7 against the Blue-Footed Booby. We started to tweet information about Rockhopper's to try to win. It was a massive help that, just before this, a Spanish influencer (@Azul_Mistico) on Twitter, did a whole series of tweets about Tristan da Cunha. She shared three Tristan twitter accounts, and we gained lots of new supporters who helped up us come from behind to beat the Blue-Footed Booby in Round 7. They helped again to beat that expected winner, the Wandering Albatross in the quarter-finals.

We were up against yet again in the semi-final but came from behind to beat the Northern Gannet.  After lots of Spanish support, we won the Northern Tern by just 38 votes to become Seabird World Cup Champion! It was a great #TeamPenguin effort with tweets from Administrator Fiona Kilpatrick, Kelly Green, penguin researcher Antje Steinfurth and Environmental Policy Officer Stephanie Martin, that helped seal the victory! It has been a great chance to raise awareness about Tristan, and it's incredible wildlife!

Tweet confirming the win 6th World Seabird Twitter Conference
Seabird World Cup 2020 Drawing by one of the Spanish supporters