A storm on 18th July 2019 caused significant damage in the settlement.

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Damaging July 2019 Storm

Tristan da Cunha CrestReport from Administrator Sean Burns

We received news yesterday that a storm on the night of Thursday 18th July 2019 had caused damage on the island. I have now spoken to Acting Administrator Lorraine Repetto who has confirmed that everyone is well and there have been no injuries. Although there has been extensive damage to government buildings and some government housing. Apart from one house, island private accommodation has not been badly damaged. As always, the islanders have rallied round today to repair the one damaged house. There was a power cut but power has now been restored, and the island store and warehouse are intact so everyone has access to dry and frozen food. The hospital is fine.

The Police Station, Tourism and Post Office, Mechanical Workshop, Administration Building, Communications Building and other government buildings lost their roofs, and have suffered extensive wind and water damage. Many windows have also been broken. The communications equipment room was flooded and it will take some time to assess if the telephones and Internet can be repaired, and if they can, how quickly. In the meantime we are keeping in touch via back up satellite phones.

The island is now assessing the damage and what materials we will need to make the necessary repairs and I am looking in to how we can do this as quickly as possible.