Yacht Jonathan joins two other March 2019 arrivals.

Yacht Jonathan visits Tristan

Report from Shirley Squibb

Yacht Jonathan anchored off Tristan on the 16th March 2019

The yacht Jonathan arrived on Saturday 16th March 2019 for a two-day stay. The crew joined passengers from the cruise ship Le Lyrial ashore on Saturday, and those on the sailing vessel Bark Europa who were ashore on both Saturday and Sunday.


Photos taken on Saturday 16th March show:

Above: The yacht Jonathan with the Tristan Settlement behind (Photo - Aniket Sardana)

Left: Yacht Jonathan in cvlose up (Photo - Shirley Squibb)

Below: The Yacht Jonathan seen left of the stern of the cruise ship Le Lyrial, with the Bark Europa, right (Photo - Sean Burns)

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