Welcome return of the impressive sailing vessel to Tristan waters

Bark Europa's March 2019 visit

Report and photos from Shirley Squibb
with additional photos from Sean Burns

The Bark Europa has been a regular visitor to Tristan da Cunha since its inaugural voyage in April 2005.

The beautiful sight of the Bark Europa off Tristan on 16th March

Bark Europa passengers come ashore in Calshot Harbour

In 2019, the sailing vessel arrived for a two-day visit on Saturday 16th March. As the cruise ship Le Lyrial and the yacht Jonathan also arrived on this day, the harbour and village were busy.

As Le Lyrial left for the outer islands, Bark Europa passengers came ashore for a second day on Sunday 17th March to enjoy the island.

Bark Europa passengers were able to take part in guided tours around the Settlement of Edinburgh, the 1961 Volcano, the Potato Patches and the Bluff. 


Visitors also partook in bird watching, golf and souvenir shopping at the 37o South Gift Shop, Island Store and Prince Philip Hall craft stalls. Refreshments were enjoyed at Cafe da Cunha, were post cards were written to friends and family over a cup of coffee. Being such a beautiful day after exploring they relaxed in the Post Office and Tourism garden.


Bark Europa departed for Cape Town on Sunday evening and the community looks forward to another happy return in 2020.


Left and below: More views of the stunning sailing vessel Bark Europa which has made visits since 2005.

Above Left: Taking turns for photos by
the famous Tristan Welcome Sign.

Above and left:
Visitors relaxing around the
Post Office and Tourism Centre.

Below left: Enjoying refreshments in the Café da Cunha

Below: Choosing stamps and souvenirs
in the Post Office and Tourism Centre

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