Andy Repetto visited colleagues in Cape Town while passing through on his trip to the UK.

Andy Repetto visits (SAMSA) MRCC Cape Town and Cape Town Radio

during his stay in South Africa in April 2016,

marking the fortieth anniversary of Andy starting communication links with Cape Town.

Photos inside the Marine Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC) run by the South African Marine Safety Authority (SAMSA) during Andy's visit on 3rd April 2016. Andy with colleagues at the MRCC
Photos inside Cape Town Radio Station during Andy's visit on 3rd April 2016 showing the layout of the main room above and Andy Repetto with Cape Town Radio colleagues right.
Andy has had a long association with Cape Town Radio which began 40 years ago when he joined what was then Tristan's Post and Telecommunications Department in 1976. In the early days he worked radio schedules with rather poor voice contact which therefore relied on Morse Code for accurate messaging until the digital age introduced the use of the internet.