Details of souvenir products that can be bought from the Tristan online gift shop.

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To be clear, these items are specially commissioned but manufactured overseas unless stated*

All prices are inclusive of Packaging and Registered Surface Post.

Weights quoted are gross weight with packaging.


Sew-On Cloth Badge
Bird/Island Design



Car Number Plate






OR24 - 'Volcano Era' Fridge Magnet

S080 - 'Volcano Era' Fridge Magnet


S078 - Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener

Tristan da Cunha Penguin


OR23 - Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener


Signpost Fridge Magnet



Settlement Fridge Magnet



Tea Towel

Island profile, Thatched House, etc.



Tea Towel

Island map, etc.



Cloth Bread Basket

Tristan Wave Design


S076 - Sports Bottle

Rockhopper Penguin Decoration

Available colours: Red, Blue or Silver.


SS12 - Sports Bottle


Foldable Water Bottle

(in Black, Blue or Pink)



Albatross Fridge Magnet


KR07 - Wooden Key Ring

S082 - Wooden Key Ring


KR08 - Face Key Ring - Black

S083 - Face Key Ring - Black

3 in 1 Keyholder - LED Light, Bottle Opener and 1m Measuring Tape


S084 - Face Key Ring - White

3 in 1 Keyholder - Removable screen cleaner, Bottle Opener and Mobile phone holder


KR09 - Face Key Ring - White
KR10 - Torch Key Ring

S085 - Torch Key Ring

Available colours: Red, Green or Blue.


KR06 - 'Volcano Era' USB Charger Key Ring

S081 - 'Volcano Era' USB Charger Key Ring


KR06 - 'Volcano Era' USB Charger Key Ring

S077 - Charm Key Ring


KR05 - Charm Key Ring


Leather Key Ring

(in Pink, Red or Violet)


S075 - Foldaway Shopping Bag

Available colours: Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange or Blue.


AB04 - Foldaway Shopping Bag


Blue Shopping Bag




(available in black or blue - as in photo)



Note Pad

(21 x 10 cm)




(inscribed with 'Tristan da Cunha Remotest Inhabited Island)



Shot Glasses


OR13 - Glass Mug

S045 - Glass Mug

Engraved with Tristan da Cunha Map


OR32 - Medium Wooden Plaque

S070 - Medium Wooden Plaque

Approx 23cm high x 20cm wide

Available designs: 'Mollies' or 'Island Boat'.


OR32 - Medium Wooden Plaque

Hand-made on the island.

Left: 'Mollies' Right: 'Island Boat'

S071 - Small Wooden Plaque

Island shaped. Approx 18cm high x 15cm wide.

Available designs: 'Island Bird', 'Mollies', 'Island Boat' or 'Bullock Cart'.


OR34 - Small Wooden Plaque
      'Island Bird'
Small 'Mollies' plaque Small 'Island Boat' plaque. Small 'Bullock Cart' plaque.
'Mollies' 'Island Boat' 'Bullock Cart'

S042 - Whale Bags

Size 44cm (w) 16cm (d) 38cm (h)

100% organic cotton - GOTS certified & wooden toggles made of twigs. 5% of profits are donated to marine conservation projects.

Bags fold into a pouch as shown below.

Colours: Blue, Brown, Pink (looks red!) and Grey.

Photo shows front design with whale and back design with Bird/island logo.



Large Map (84 x 60 cms)

Originally surveyed and produced by Allan Crawford during the 1937-38 Norwegian Expedition and showing all the traditional Tristan names of features around the island at that time.



Visitors Guide



Drawstring Bag



Oval Tristan Crest Cuff Links

in a case



Paper Knife



Penguin Brooch

30mm round



Rectangular Penguin Brooch


S030 - Ballpoint Pens

Black ink: Coloured barrel: Tristan da Cunha coordinates

Available colours: black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red or white.


BS21 - Ballpoint Pens


Tristan Black Note Book

14 cm x 21.5 cm
with 80 lined pages



Penguin Note Book

14 cm x 18 cm
with black ball tip pen



Tristan Pumice Key rings

Using local volcanic ash
and assembled on the island by the Tourism Department



Recipe Book

Dawn Repetto's 32 page A5 book (15cm x 21cm) ‘Recipes from Tristan da Cunha’ puts together 36 recipes all clearly set out with ingredients, method and accompanied by 25 full colour photographs. Sections include: 3 soups including ‘Inside Soup’; 5 fish dishes including Crawfish Hash and Fish Cakes made with Cape Mackerel; 8 meat dishes including the famous Stuffed Roast Mutton, Done Down Meat and Pumpkin Bredie; 8 desserts including the traditional Tristan puddings; 7 cakes and pies including Plum Hard Cakes and Snislens and a Miscellaneous section including Potato or Teddy Cakes and German’s Nuts. In addition there are features on the traditions which have led to the development of Tristan’s unique range of dishes, notes on Tristan potatoes, fish, sheep and cattle.

A full review is on our separate Book Shop section.



Desk Flag with Stand

Flag 15 cm x 10 cm;
Flagstaff 31 cm high



Storm Flag

Flag 90 cm x 60 cm


S008 - Tristan Costume Dolls

* Imported dolls locally dressed in traditional
Tristan da Cunha style clothes

Skirt material may vary - please check when ordering
130g weight



Splash The Rockhopper
Colouring Book

29.5 x 21 cms; 150g weight


S072 - Souvenir Golf Ball

printed with the Tristan da Cunha Golf Club crest


SS60 - Souvenir Golf Ball
SS61 - Golf Divot Marker

S073 - Golf Divot Marker

with Tristan da Cunha Golf Club crest


SS70 - Sunglasses Case

S074 - Sunglasses Case

Available colours: Black, Green, Blue, Orange, Maroon, Yellow or White.