Reports from London of the lying in state of the late Queen, and from Dundee on the journey of the state hearse.

Paying Tristan's respects to Queen Elizabeth II in UK

Events in London and Scotland

Tristan Government UK Representative Chris Carnegy reports from London

Chris Carnegy (front left) representing Tristan da Cunha at the lying-in-state
of Her Late Majesty in Westminster Hall on 15th September 2022.

It was a solemn duty to represent the Chief Islander and community of Tristan da Cunha at the lying-in-state of Her Late Majesty. 

On Thursday 15th September I was invited by the UK Government to the historic Westminster Hall, which was the centre of national mourning and remembrance as many thousands filed past, to bow before the Queen's coffin and pray that she might rest in peace.

Left: Chris bowing before the catafalque in Westminster Hall.

Chris Carnegy signing the diplomatic Book of Condolence
on behalf of the Government of Tristan da Cunha -
Chris' entry is shown below.

Afterwards I walked to Lancaster House, where I signed the diplomatic Book of Condolence on behalf of the island. En route, the Tristan flag was proudly flying in Parliament Square, accompanied by a black 'mourning cravat'.

Tristan's Chief Islander James Glass was invited to the State Funeral, but no vessel was available for him to travel in time. The island was represented by the Governor, HE Nigel Phillips CBE.


The photo left shows Chris beneath the Tristan flag flying in Parliament Square with the black mourning cravat hanging from the side arm of the flagpole for the solemn occasion.

Bob Carse reports from Dundee

On Sunday 11th September my family and I paid our last respects to the late Queen and I decided that I should take with me the Tristan da Cunha flag in order that the island be represented on such an important journey knowing how much the islanders cared for the late Queen.

I felt quite proud to be in a position to represent the feelings of the islanders on her last journey through Dundee and on to Edinburgh .

Bob's images show his family gathered with the Tristan flag above and his view of the hearse conveying the Late Queen to Edinburgh from Balmoral.

Tristan da Cunha Association member Bob is a stalwart friend of the Tristan da Cunha island community.

He made fourteen working visits to the island between 1996 and 2017, writing an article entitled Rockhopper Choppers for the February 2011 Tristan Newsletter.