Tristan matters to the fore

First Overseas Territories Virtual Meeting

Report from Tristan Government UK Representative Chris Carnegy

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Overseas Territories held its first-ever virtual meeting on 1st July.

Chaired by Andrew Rosindell MP, the meeting was well attended via video link by members of both houses of Parliament, including a number of recently-elected members of the Commons.

Chair Andrew Rosindell conducting the meeting. The photo has been 'flipped' horizontally by the Editor
so that the Tristan da Cunha flag shown centrally is the right way round!
Chris Carnegy appears above Andrew on the virtual boards alongside a portrait on Margaret Thatcher.

I reported on Tristan's experience of the coronavirus crisis, highlighting the strong measures taken to keep the island free of the disease and focusing too on the long-term economic effects. I stressed that supporting OTs in the aftermath of the pandemic ought to be a priority when two Whitehall departments merge to create the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. I also highlighted the importance of maintaining frictionless access to the EU market for Tristan lobster after Brexit is completed.

Mr Rosindell conducted the meeting with Tristan's flag to the fore. He closed by sending a message of good wishes and continued support from all members of the Group to leaders and councillors of the UKOTs.

Chris Carnegy as he would have appeared to other members of the vitual meeting as he was speaking.