Former Tristan Administrator first to have leading roles on all three islands

Sean Burns becomes Administrator of Ascension Island

Longest-serving Tristan Administrator takes up post on third South Atlantic island

Sean Burns being sworn in as Administrator of Ascension Island on 15th March 2020
with Governor Philip Rushbrook and Marina Burns looking on.

HE Governor Philip Rushbrook shaking hands with Sean Burns
during the ceremony on 15th March 2020 with Marina Burns alongside.

Statement from Governor Philip Rushbrook

On Sunday 15th March Sean Burns was sworn in as Administrator of Ascension Island by Governor Philip Rushbrook in a ceremony in Georgetown court house, beginning official duties on Tuesday 17th March.

Sean is the 25th Administrator to take office and has previously served as Administrator of Tristan da Cunha twice, as well as Head of the Governor's Office on St Helena.

Sean is accompanied by his wide Marina. On his appointment, Sean said:

I am proud and privileged to have been appointed by the Governor to be the Administrator of Ascension and look forward to working with everyone for the benefit of all on the island. Marina and I are delighted to be here and are excited to meet with everyone as we settle in.

Sean and Marina gathered with Ascension Island colleagues after their arrival

Unique Career on St Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha

Sean Burns is Tristan da Cunha's longest-serving Administrator after completing 6 years and 5 months over two terms. This exceeds the service by Peter Day, 1959-1961 and 1963-1965 and by Roger Perry 1984-1989.

Sean and Marina Burns first arriving at Tristan da Cunha on 9th September 2010

Sean being sworn in as Tristan Administrator on 15th September 2010
in the Council Chamber with Island Councillors sat in front.

Sean arrived in September 2010 to serve a first term dominated by the MS Oliva wreck on Nightingale Island in March 2011. He departed in October 2013 to serve as Deputy, and later Acting Governor, on St Helena.

Sean (far left) with Island Councillors and expatriate officers on 30th November 2012

Sean returned to Tristan da Cunha for a welcome second term in November 2016. A highlight of his second term was the wedding of daughter Kelly to Shane Green in September 2017 and no doubt Sean will return to visit them and their granddaughter Savanna in the future.

Sean and Marina arriving back to Tristan da Cunha on 30th November 2016
so pleased to be with their granddaughter Savanna

Sean and Marina on their daughter Kelly's wedding day on 29th September 2017
also showing groom Shane Green, Savanna and their son Damian.

Sean and Marina with Savanna and Kelly at her 30th birthday party on 30th November 2019

Sean at his final Tristan da Cunha function after Fiona Kilpatrick (4th left) replaced
him as Tristan da Cunha Administrator on 24th January 2020.
The photograph also shows members of the Tristan Island Council
including Chief Islander James Glass (to the right of Fiona)
and Sean's daughter Kelly (second from the right), herself now an elected councillor.

Sean took up a third South Atlantic post when he became Administrator of Ascension Island in March 2020 in what is likely to be his final post before a well-earned retirement as featured at the head of this page.