Important planning for UKOT trade and Brexit

Tristan represented at Cayman Islands' UKOT Meetings

Report and photos from Tristan Goverment UK Representative Chris Carnegy

Photos taken on 28th June 2019 show -

Above: Chris delivering a presentation on Tristan's 'blue economy'

The presentation looked at the sustainable success of the Tristan fishery, and at potential new revenue areas such as carbon credits, conservation funding and expanded eco-tourism.

Left: Following Chris' presentation he joined a panel to discuss the 'blue economy', in which Tristan da Cunha may lead the world.

Photos show -

Left: Chris Boarding RFA Mounts Bay at Georgetown for an evening reception on 27th June

Above: Mounts Bay Captain Macanley with Lord Ahmad, Cayman Governor Martyn Roper, and Premier McLaughlin on the deck of RFA Mounts Bay during the event.

The meeting of UK Overseas Territories Ministers and Representatives being held in the Cayman Islands commenced on Wednesday 26th June.

The weeks' agenda includes:

  • preparations by the OTs for the Joint Ministerial Council that will be held in London this November;
  • the first UK and OT trade summit;
  • an update on Brexit.
The photo left shows Chris Carnegy with the host, Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin, at an informal reception on the eve of the first session on Tuesday.
Chris with Teslyn Barkman, member of the Falklands Legislative Assembly. Tristan's flag on show in the conference room

On 28th June Chris met David Shibli (born on Tristan in 1965, son of the island doctor and nurse).
Photos show Chris with David and also with David's daughter Daniela and wife Osiris.

David has lived in the Cayman Islands for many years.