Candidates announced after nominations close on 11th March

2019 Island Council Election on 26th March

Report from a Public Notice issued by Administrator Sean Burns on 12th March 2019

I am very pleased to report that in accordance with Schedule 1, Section (4), the following candidates have accepted nominations for elections.

Elections will be held on Tuesday 26th March under the supervision of Presiding Officer, Mr Alasdair Wyllie. Details and ballot papers will be circulated in advance.

Nominations – Island Council

Steve Swain, Sarah Glass-Green, Paul Repetto, Rodney Green, Kelly Green , Carlene Glass-Green,

Ian Lavarello, James Glass, Marion Collins, Clive Glass, Beverley Swain, Jason Green and Joanne Green

Nominations – Chief Islander

James Glass and Ian Lavarello

Therefore there are 13 candidates for 8 vacant positions as Island Councillors
In addition, Administrator Sean Burns will nominate a further three councillors.

To be eligible to be elected Chief Islander the candidates must first be elected as an Island Councillor,
although the two elections will be held simultaneously on 26th March.

Photo showing a meeting of the 2016-2019 Island Council held in the Council Chamber on 14th December 2016.
President Sean Burns is at the head of the table,and on his left is Commercial Officer Ann Biddle. Seated around the table, left to right, are Island Councillors: On the left - Paula Swain, Warren Glass, Harold Green;
On the right - Conrad Glass, Lorraine Repetto, Iris Green, Terence Green and Sarah Glass-Green.