Reports of the Tristan da Cunha Council 2010-2013

Tristan Island Council 2010-2013

Photograph of the Tristan Island Council taken by Tina Glass before meeting on 28th November 2012.

Left to right:
Administrator & Chairman of the Council Sean Burns,
Iris Green, Marion Green, Dawn Repetto (front),
Lorraine Repetto (behind), Anne Green (front),
Robin Repetto (behind),
Chief Executive Officer Kobus Potgeiter,
Dereck Rogers, Conrad Glass, Beverley Repetto,
Steve Cole (from Pew Trust), and Sam Kent (Agriculture Adviser).
Absent Councillors were
Chief Islander Ian Lavarello and James Glass.

New Island Councillors Announced

Administrator David Morley published a Public Notice on Monday 3rd May 2010 announcing the new Island Council elected to serve until 2013. There was no election as nominations matched the number of members required.

Councillors: Ian Lavarello, Robin Repetto, Marion Green, Beverley Repetto, Dereck Rogers, James Glass,
Lorraine Repetto, Iris Green, Dawn Repetto, Conrad Glass, Anne Green

Chief Islander: Ian Lavarello