SVS Grenville: ship profile and voyage information

The Expedition ship SVS Grenville and its voyage

About the expedition ship SVS Grenville and its voyage to the Tristan da Cunha Islands

Photo from Nicky Swain showing SVS Grenville leaving Cape Town harbour on 8th January.

Photo from National Geographic taken from a drone over the expedition vessel SVS Grenville
from team member Brian Canavan on 11th January 2017

The SVS Grenville is the National Geographic expedition ship for the 'Pristine Seas' project. It departed Cape Town during the afternoon of Sunday 8th January 2017 bound for Tristan da Cunha where it is expected to arrive a week later on 15th January.

The Expedition Ship SVS Grenville (Photo: National Geographic)
About SVS Grenville
SVS Grenville is a Specialised Vessel Services offshore utility vessel with a length of 54m, a 9.4 m beam, 3.8 m draft and has is 459 gross tonnes. It has a 205-ton displacement and is powered by an Hanshin LH28L.   The vessel has a range of 10,000 nm and a cruising speed of 10 knots.