Tristan da Cunha Wildlife and Conservation News
News of Tristan da Cunha's wildlife and its conservation.

Trip to Inaccessible and Nightingale Islands using new RIB

Tristan Conservation Department trip to support field work teams.
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Fieldwork on Nightingale and Inaccessible Islands

Scientists monitor land and sea birds
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Two million seabirds killed annually by mice on Gough Island

2018 research provides further evidence to support Gough Restoration Programme
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Gough Island Tristan Albatross update

Another poor breeding season for Tristan Islands' iconic seabirds
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Wave Dancer in UK for refurbishment

Tristan's Fisheries Patrol boat arrives in UK for Blue Belt funded repairs
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Stamp issue: Tristan da Cunha Migratory Species

This set of stamps illustrates the migratory routes of two of Tristan's seabird species.
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Web Pages Launched for the Gough Island Restoration Programme

The RSPB recently launched a website outlining its role in the Gough Island Restoration Programme.
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New Page: Tristan da Cunha Gough Restoration Programme

The Gough Restoration Programme aims to eradicate the invasive mice on Gough Island that are predating albatross and other wild bird chicks.
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Gough Island Mice Eradication Project to take place in 2020

Tristan Government and RSPB agree a one year delay to properly organise major conservation project
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Blue Belt Annual Update Published

2017/18 Programme Booklet available to download
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Tristan Blue Belt Summary

Oliver Yates from Cefas summarises progress up to June 2018
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Injured Rockhopper Penguin rescued by Conservation Department

'Rocky' undergoes rehabilitation ashore in July 2018
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Elephant Seal on Hottentot Beach

Seal hauled up on 5th July 2018
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Tagged leatherback turtle feeding in Tristan waters

Exeter University tagged turtle traced by radio transmitter
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2018 World Ocean Day marked with Beach Clean Up

Conservation Department linked up with St Mary's School on 8th June 2018.
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Tristan represented at No 10 Environment Meeting

UKOTA meets Sir John Randall, the Prime Minister’s Special Adviser for the Environment on 24th May 2018
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2019 Gough Island mouse eradication project announced

Major conservation effort seeks to protect endangered land and sea birds on the World Heritage Site
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Blue Belt survey aboard RRS James Clark Ross

March 2018 Blue Belt survey provides vital data for Tristan's marine protection zone plans
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DEFRA Minister briefed on Tristan's Blue Belt Programme

Reception held aboard HMS Belfast on 18th April
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London Blue Belt event aboard the ship CEFAS Endeavour

Tristan’s Blue Belt work showcased to Commonwealth leaders and promoted to UK schools
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Report from Oliver Yates

Senior Cefas Marine Science Advisor visits Tristan da Cunha Islands January-February 2018
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Bluenose survey around Gough Island and McNish seamount

On-going Blue Belt research on MFV Edinburgh
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RRS James Clark Ross Expedition Newsletter

RRS James Clark Ross visited Tristan da Cunha waters 22-31 March 2018
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RRS James Clark Ross visits Tristan

Presentation of Blue Belt research given to island community
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Tristan Blue Belt plans presented to MPs

UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove leads delegation of MPs committed to marine protection
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RRS James Clark Ross helps Tristan's Blue Belt plans

UK marine research ship to carry out Tristan EEZ seamount surveys in March 2018
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New Page: Tristan da Cunha Conservation

Tristan's Conservation Department monitors wildlife, maintains habitats, and liaises with international wildlife researchers.
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New Page: Tristan da Cunha Blue Belt Programme

The Blue Belt Programme aims to create marine conservations zones around the UK's Overeas Territories, including the Tristan da Cunha group of islands.
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Tristan represented at Isle of Man UKOT Meeting

3rd UK Overseas Territories Environment Ministers' Meeting attended by James Glass and Jim Kerr.
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Report on Tristan da Cunha Marine Protection Planning Workshop

Blue Belt July 2017 London Workshop Report available to download
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Cefas officer assists Tristan with Blue Belt Work

Update on Oliver Yates' work on Tristan's Blue Belt plans.
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Blue Belt Update

Cefas and MMO team visit Tristan
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