Tristan da Cunha Wildlife News
News of Tristan da Cunha's wildlife and its conservation.

Film showing Kieran Glass in New York

UNESCO publishes short film showcasing the World Heritage Sites Ocean Day Pledge made in June 2017
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National Geographic Pristine Seas Film Premiere in London

Reception at the Royal Geographical Society on 27th July 2017
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Key Stakeholders meet to discuss Tristan's Blue Belt Commitment

Workshop held at the London FCO for Tristan to plan its strategy to protect its marine environment by 2020.
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Kieran Glass represents UK and Tristan at World Heritage Event

Kieran Glass makes Ocean Pledge at New York UNESCO event
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Page Updated: Conservation documents available to download

The Tristan da Cunha Conservation Department leads work to protect the islands' wildlife and control alien invasive species.
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Kieran Glass to make Ocean Pledge at New York UNESCO event

Tristan Islander travels to New York for World Ocean Day representing the Gough and Inaccessible Island World Heritage Site
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Talk in London by RSPB's Alex Bond on 12th June 2017

RSPB's Alex Bond will give a talk on 'Gough Island – an unnatural history of mice and birds'
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Video of 'Pristine Seas' Work at Tristan

A video trailer has been released of the 'Pristine Seas' expedition's work in the Tristan islands.
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Stamp issue: Fur Seals

Stamps celebrating the Tristan da Cunha group's breeding population of Subantarctic Fur Seals.
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Three Elephants Seals on Boatharbour Beach

Three elephant seals were seen on the beach at Boatharbour Bay on 30th March 2017.
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New fish species found

Two unknown fish species caught by Erik MacKenzie in March 2017
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Swallow sighted at Tristan

A swallow was observed flying over the Tristan Settlement on 21st March 2017
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Tristan waters provide refuge for near-threatened blue sharks

Pristine Seas Expedition discovers evidence of large numbers of blue sharks in Tristan waters
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Saint Mary’s school and Conservation Department Tree Planting

School students have helped plant two coniferous pine sapplings to replace a mature tree that was destroyed by a storm.
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St Mary's School party's day with expedition team

A party from St Mary's School Tristan da Cunha spent the day aboard the Pristine Seas Expedition ship SVS Grenville on 2nd February.
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Expedition arrives back in Cape Town

On arrival in Cape Town the Pristine Seas Expedition thanks its Tristan hosts.
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Tristan group spend day aboard SVS Grenville

As the expedition draws to a close, a group led by Administrator Sean Burns, and including Island Councillors, see for themselves the expedition's work.
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Pioneering surfing off Inaccessible Island

Expedition team members surf Blenden Hall Beach in what could be a first-time surfing experience off the Tristan Islands.
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National Geographic 'Pristine Seas' team visits the settlement

The 'Pristine Seas' team visited the settlement on the 3rd and 4th February 2017 to report on their project and visit the island's tourist attractions.
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Expedition returns to Tristan da Cunha to report on its work

SVS Grenville returns to Tristan da for the final few days of the National Geographic Expedition to the islands.
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A Dark Ship

The Expedition creates darkness at night on their ship SVS Grenville to attempt to stop thousands of nocturnal seabirds alighting aboard.
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Visiting the home of the Tristan Albatross

The expedition team climb to Gough Island's Gonydale to study the Tristan Albatross which breed here and learn of the dangers of mice predation on Gough seabirds.
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Preparing the Team - Protecting the Islands

Preparations to ensure bio-security on the Tristan da Cunha Islands during the expedition' s passage from Cape Town to Tristan da Cunha
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Tristan to Gough via Nightingale

SVS Grenville travels from Tristan da Cunha via Nightingale Island to the World Heritage Site of Gough Island
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Expedition arrives at Tristan

The Pristine Seas Expedition ship SVS Grenville arrived at Tristan on 15th January 2017.
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The Pristine Seas Expedition Team

Introducing the Pristine Seas National Geographic Team
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The Expedition ship SVS Grenville and its voyage

SVS Grenville: ship profile and voyage information
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Aims and Objectives of the 'Pristine Seas' Expedition

Expedition Leader Paul Rose outlines the aims and objectives of The Pristine Seas National Geographic Expedition to the Tristan da Cunha Islands.
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