Tristan da Cunha Marine Research Expedition 2017: Announcement of Tristan da Cunha Research Expedition 2017
The RSPB, Tristan da Cunha Government, and National Geographic’s Pristine Seas team will conduct a marine discovery expedition to the archipelago during January and February 2017.

Announcement of Tristan da Cunha Research Expedition 2017

We are delighted to announce that in January 2017, the RSPB, Tristan da Cunha Government and National Geographic’s Pristine Seas team will be conducting a joint 5-week marine discovery expedition to the Tristan da Cunha archipelago.

This expedition will help the Tristan community fulfil its ambition of 'establishing a regime for protecting the waters across the entire Tristan da Cunha Exclusive Economic Zone by 2020. This will be driven by the community, be science-led, and will meet both local economic and conservation needs. It will have the full financial support of the UK for management and enforcement, as part of the UK Government’s world-leading ‘Blue Belt’ commitment.'

Significantly, the resulting protections will cover more than three quarters of a million square kilometres of rich ocean and also surround Gough Island World Heritage Site, described by the IUCN as ‘arguably the most important seabird island in the world’.

The Tristan Government is very excited about this new partnership, and if you would like to hear more as the work unfolds, the Tristan Website will have a dedicated page on the expedition as it takes place. We are in direct contact with the National Geographic Pristine Seas Expedition Leader, the explorer and broadcaster Paul Rose who will keep us informed during the expedition.

With a world-leading science team, underwater film-makers, deep-diving cameras, satellite trackers, a terrestrial film crew, expert local knowledge and plenty of places which no human eye has ever investigated before, the expedition hopes to both discover new species and records for Tristan, as well as to showcase the archipelago’s wildlife treasures to the world!