This year, Queen's Day was held on 24th February 2017. Various activities celebrated the Queen's birthday, retimed to enable the produce show to be held in our late Summer/Early Autumn.

Event News

Queen's Day 2017

Report from Tina Glass. Photos by Mark Pearson

Spectators watching the Queen's Day games and races at St Mary's School.
Spectators watching the Queen's Day games and races at St Mary's School.

On Friday 24th February 2017 at 5.45 am the gong was rung by Chief Islander Ian Lavarello to announce the annual Queen's Day. It was a nice cool day for the event to take place. The day started with the Fishing Competition for adults and children and everyone was off early and filled with enthusiasm to catch the biggest Five Finger. Everyone had to be back before 11am for judging.

Later during that afternoon there was a wide variety of events held at St Mary's School. There were competitions for best Swiss Roll, Portrait of a Yellow Nosed Albatross, Pot Plants and Wildflowers, Vegetables. Other events included, guess the weight of sand and pebbles in a jar, number of needles in a jar, money in a bucket. There was an Eating Chilli Competition, Electrical circuit game, beer challenge, Wibbly Wobbly race, air rifle shooting, race around cemeteries, design and build your own rocket, and an art competition. The day came to an end with a delicious community braai and refreshments, followed by a dance in the community center arranged by Sean Burns the Administrator. Everyone who attended had a great time.

The competition and race results are at the bottom of this page.

Two views of the Produce Show and Art Competition.
Funniest Potato Classes Pot Plant Clas
Best Swiss Roll Class Wheelbarrow Race.
Wibble Wobbly Race - racing blindfolded with jelly on a spoon.
Target shooting with air rifles. Target shooting with air rifles.
Target shooting with air rifles.
Ladies' Round the Cemetaries Race. Men's Round the Cemetaries Race.
Trial of strength. Race instructions.
Potato and Spoon Racers.
Sack Races.

Competition and Race Results

Fishing Competition


  1stGeorge Swain
  2ndDean Repetto


  1stCalvin Green
  2ndJulie Green
St Mary's School Art Competition

Playgroup & Class 1

  1stKailey Swain
  2ndAiden Repetto

Classes 2 & 3

  1stSian Davis
  2ndJamie Glass

Classes 4 & 5

  1stJade Repetto
  2ndRandall Repetto
Art - Drawing of a Yellow Nosed Albatross


  1stLen Street
  2ndJimmy Rogers


  1stRandal Repetto
Produce Show

Pot plant

  1stRhyanna Swain
  2ndAnne Green

Wild flower Arrangement – children (3-6 yrs)

  1stAiden Repetto
  2ndKailey Swain

Wild flower arrangement – Children (7–16 yrs)

  1stJulie Green
  2ndRandal Repetto

Best 3 Carrots

  1stLarry Swain
  2ndRobin Repetto

Best Turnip/Swede

  1stChloe Glass
  2ndJamie Glass

Funniest Shaped Potato - smooth skin

  1stAmanda Swain
  2ndJanine Lavarello

Funniest Shaped Potato – White Blossom

  1stIris Green
  2ndSavanna Green
Electrical Circuit Competition
  No one won
Guess the weight of sand and pebbles in a jar


  1stAnne Green
  2ndCedric Swain


  1stJamie Glass
  2ndCharlie Squibb
Guess the number of coloured needles in a jar
  1stPatrick Rogers
  2ndKailey Swain
Chilli Eating Competition
  1stDuncan Lavarello
  2ndPatrick Rogers
Beer Challenge
  1stJodie Squibb
  2ndJohn Lavarello
Wibbly Wobbly Race
  1stShane Green and Steve Swain
  2ndJodie Squibb and Leo Glass
Air Rifle Shooting


  1stRobin Repetto
  2ndRiaan Repetto


  1stVictoria Stapleton
  2ndSue Harvey
Race around Cementries


  1stLeo Glass
  2ndShane Green


  1stKirsty Green
  2ndGlenda Swain
Wheelbarrow Race

Race 1

  1stShane and Lynette Green
  2ndGlenda Swain and Leo Glass

Race 2

  1stKirsty Green and Philip Rogers
  2ndCarl Vans Ramesdonk and Lin Davis