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Expedition arrives at Tristan

The Pristine Seas Expedition ship SVS Grenville arrives at Tristan
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The Pristine Seas Expedition Team


 The Pristine Seas National Geographic Tristan Team

Photo by Roger Horrocks shows expedition team members
gathered alongside SVS Grenville before embarkation on Sunday 8th January 2017.
Also in the photo are Tristan islanders returning home on the ship.

The Expedition Team List

Twenty Team members with names: role: and their institution

  • Jenn Caselle; Chief Scientist; Marine Science Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).
  • Katie Davis; Science diving; nearshore cameras; UCSB.
  • Scott Hamilton; Science diving, invasive species; Moss Landing Marine Lab, California.
  • Ryan Jenkinson; Science diving, lobsters; Humboldt State University.
  • Doug Simpson; Science diving, outreach; University of Montana.
  • Marthán Bester; Marine Mammals; Mammal Research Institute. University of Pretoria.
  • Mia Wege; Marine Mammals; Mammal Research Institute, University of Pretoria.
  • Mike Fay; Terrestrial science; National Geographic.
  • Alan Turchik; Deepwater drop cameras; National Geographic.
  • Chris Thompson; Pelagic and nearshore cameras; Centre for Marine Futures, University of Western Australia.
  • Paul Rose; Expedition leader; National Geographic & the Royal Geographical Society.
  • Dave McAloney; Diving / Medical / Logistics; National Geographic.
  • Sam Dews; Boat driver / Logistics & science support.
  • Alexandra Verville; Producer; National Geographic.
  • Brian Canavan; Topside filming; National Geographic.
  • Roger Horrocks; Underwater filming, National Geographic.
  • Nathan Lefevre; Underwater camera assistant; National Geographic.
  • Dan Myers; Intemational policy; NationaI Geographic.
  • Jonathan Hall; Political liaison and birds; Head of UK Overseas Territories; Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).
  • Andy Scholield; Birds. terrestrial, local guidance and liaison; UK Overseas Territories Officer; RSPB.

The Expedition ship SVS Grenville and its voyage

About the expedition ship SVS Grenville and its voyage to the Tristan da Cunha Islands

Photo from Nicky Swain showing SVS Grenville leaving Cape Town harbour on 8th January.

Photo from National Geographic taken from a drone over the expedition vessel SVS Grenville
from team member Brian Canavan on 11th January 2017

The SVS Grenville is the National Geographic expedition ship for the 'Pristine Seas' project. It departed Cape Town during the afternoon of Sunday 8th January 2017 bound for Tristan da Cunha where it is expected to arrive a week later on 15th January.

The Expedition Ship SVS Grenville (Photo: National Geographic)
About SVS Grenville
SVS Grenville is a Specialised Vessel Services offshore utility vessel with a length of 54m, a 9.4 m beam, 3.8 m draft and has is 459 gross tonnes. It has a 205-ton displacement and is powered by an Hanshin LH28L.   The vessel has a range of 10,000 nm and a cruising speed of 10 knots.


Aims and Objectives of the 'Pristine Seas' Expedition

Expedition Leader Paul Rose outlines the aims and objectives of The Pristine Seas National Geographic Expedition to the Tristan da Cunha Islands.
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Announcement of Tristan da Cunha Research Expedition 2017

The RSPB, Tristan da Cunha Government, and National Geographic’s Pristine Seas team will conduct a marine discovery expedition to the archipelago during January and February 2017.
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New Page: Tristan da Cunha Wildlife News

News of Tristan da Cunha's wildlife and its conservation.
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Britain's Treasure Islands TV Series

Stewart McPherson's film series 'Britain’s Treasure Islands' was broadcast on BBC4 in April 2016, including footage of Tristan.
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Britain's Treasure Islands Event

Launch event for Stewart McPherson's film series and book 'Britain’s Treasure Islands', including Tristan, held at the Royal Geographical Society 24th March 2016.
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Southern Right Whale Dolphins at Tristan

Southern Right Whale Dolphins (Lissodelphis peronii) were sighted between Tristan and Nightingale on 29th September 2014 from aboard SA Agulhas II.
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