A celebration was held in the Albatross Bar for the presentation of training certificates to members of the Public Works Department on 26th June 2015

Public Works Department Presentations Evening on 26th June 2015

Public Works Department Presentations Evening held in the Albatross Bar, Prince Philip Hall on 26th June 2015
Report from Shirley Squibb and PWD Director Drew Campbell ~ Photos from Shirley Squibb

Certificates were presented by PWD director, Drew Campbell,
to some PWD workers for training they received.
Drew also gave gifts to all of the departments,
presented the Albatross Bar with a plaque
and held a free raffle for all present.

Drew and his family are preparing to depart aboard the July Edinburgh trip at the end of his contract.

Left: Drew Campbell (left) with Carlene Glass-Green
who is presenting Dean Repetto with his certificate.


Those attending were Acting Administrator Chris Standing,
Chief Islander Ian Lavarello and his partner Dilys Green, Commercial Officer Matthew Byrne,
members of the Island Council,
other Heads of Department and PWD staff.

Photos above and left show general views
of those attending the event.
There were 16 certificates awarded to PWD staff, mostly for mechanical and Liebherr crane training.
Joe Green was also presented with a certificate for having conducted training for the younger mechanics.
Mechanical Certificates of Achievement were awarded to the following: Matthew Green, Jason Green, Dean Repetto, Colin Hagan, Nigel Lavarello and Paul Repetto.
Cummins Training Certificates were issued to Ian Lavarello who is involved with the Wave Dancer diagnostics.
Training Certificates were presented to Carlene Glass-Green, Andrew Green, Dean Repetto, Jason Green and Albert Green.
Steve Swain received his award for doing and Electrician's Course in Cape Town earlier this year and he passed with flying colours.
Right: Carlene presenting Andrew Green with his certificate.
Jason Green being congratulated by Drew Campbell
after receiving his certificate from Carlene.

Michelle Campbell & Ian Lavarello unveiling the plaque
Michelle & Drew
with Acting Administrator Chris Standing
as he drew the raffle
Michelle Campbell giving Eugene Repetto his raffle prize
Drew concluded his report by saying that training is essential to improve skills of the staff and having continuity in the PWD when senior staff retire.
He continued 'Fortunately there are many keen and skilled young staff that should ensure PWD operates smoothly in years to come!
A big thank you to all involved.'