Tristan da Cunha Stamps: Stamp issue: Biodiversity Part II
Stamps illustrating the Tristan Group's biodiversity - Part II: Six more species endemic to the islands.

Stamp issue: Biodiversity Part II

Issue date: 7th December 2016

Biodiversity Part II, 25p stamp Biodiversity Part II, 35p stamp Biodiversity Part II, 45p stamp Biodiversity Part II, 60p stamp Biodiversity Part II, 70p stamp
201613 Mint Stamps (25p, 35p, 45p, 60p, 70p, £2.00) £4.35 Biodiversity Part II, £2 stamp
201614 First Day Cover with 25p, 35p, 45p, 60p, 70p, £2.00 stamps £5.10
Stamps illustrating Tristan's biodiversity - Part II with Devil's Fingers, Orange Starfish, Gough Brass Buttons, Gough Flightless Moth, Inaccessible Rail, and Spectacled Petrel.

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