Work on Calshot Harbour had to be suspended due to expected high seas.

Week 11 Monday 28th March to Sunday 3rd April 2016

The calm seas of previous weeks became a thing of the past as the increasing swells was a reminder of the approaching winter. Fortunately most of the excavated material had been removed the previous week. The barge, filled with water and weighing over 100 tonnes, pulled over the bollard on the left during the night as it was battered by the sea
Excavator cutting ladder recess with Rockwheel Drilling & fixing tyre fenders at South Quay
“Between the Devil and the deep blue sea”. Removing the excavator from the barge ahead of predicted 5m seas. Cannonball survey revealed several high spots. It was necessary to put the excavator back on the barge, after the storm, and rip and remove these high spots.
Surveying in channel to ensure the high spots were removed. A bar sweep survey of the area was then conducted to ensure the area was dredged to specification before removing the excavator. High spots material removed by crane and rock skip.
Excavator walking off for the last time after the Bar Sweep survey confirmed that dredging had been completed. Preparations to Boat Storage slabs.