Islander Lorna Lavarello-Smith lives in the UK and was ordained into the Anglican Priesthood on Sunday 30th June 2013 in Peterborough Cathedral.

Lorna Lavarello Smith's Ordination

Islander Lorna Lavarello-Smith lives in the UK and was ordained into the Anglican Priesthood
on Sunday 30th June in Peterborough Cathedral
This page features Lorna's ordination day, some aspects of the planning,
including a competition on Tristan to design her stole and will include news as Lorna starts her ministry.

Training begins in 2010

Lorna started her training in September 2010 at Queens Theological Foundation in Birmingham to become a priest in the Church of England.  Lorna is being sponsored by the Diocese of Peterborough and after three years is expected to be ordained in Peterborough Cathedral. We wish her every success in her training and future career with the Church. Drew is also active as he leads the children’s work team at the church as well as playing the guitar in the church Worship Band.

Lorna outside the Queens Theological Foundation in Birmingham on 12th October 2010

Lorna with her husband Drew with Charlie and their younger daughter Abbie outside St Giles Church on Remembrance Sunday 2010.

in Peterborough Cathedral
on Sunday 30th June 2013

Photos from Lorna unless stated

Inside Peterborough Cathedral
(Photo: Peterborough Cathedral)

Outside the Cathedral: Lorna's family and friends may be spotted middle left
(Photo: Robin Webb)

Lorna and Drew
(Photo: Robin Webb)

Lorna and her fellow ordinands gather with the Bishop and senior clergy outside the cathedral (Photo: Peterborough Cathedral)
Lorna with her sister Valerie Nagel

Lorna surrounded by well-wishers
(Photo: Robin Webb)

Sister Valerie with Aunt Valerie Billingsley and her husband Peter

Commemorating Lorna's Ordination on Tristan da Cunha

Lorna's Message which was read to the congregation at St Mary's Church Tristan at the morning service on 30th June 2013

To all my friends and family

As you read this I will be on my way to Peterborough to be ordained. It is a strange but wonderful thing to be called by God to serve his people and a responsibility that I have not taken lightly. Uppermost in my mind today is the people and place that has made me who I am today: you and this wonderful island of ours. Throughout my theological training I have come to realise that Tristan has given me so much, our ancestors who struggled through hardships gave me a strength of character I didn't realise I had. Living and growing up in a small community has given me the ability to live and work with people from all walks of life. I haven't found any uses for skills such as trying out fat or riddling guts, or skinning buds but I am working on it!

You will be in my thoughts as I walk down that long aisle in the cathedral, as I kneel before Bishop Donald and take my lifelong vows to serve all of God’s people. You will be in my prayers as my beautiful stole designed by Leanne is placed around my neck and I take my place at the altar amongst the rest of the Cathedral clergy. But mostly you will be in my thoughts as Tristan is the place that I love and still call home.

With love and prayers


Left to Right: Front Row - Katie Repetto, Chantelle Repetto , Amber Repetto, Dawn Repetto
2nd Row - Trina Repetto, Janet Lavarello, Joan Repetto, Amy Green, Isobel Swain
3rd Row - Geraldine Repetto, Jade Repetto, Marlene Swain, Marie Repetto, Allan Swain, Brenda Swain, Ches Lavarello,
Rhoda Rogers, Robin Repetto, Cynthia Green, Jackie Lavarello, Miranda Repetto, Harold Green
4th Row - Lars Repetto, Paul Repetto, Duncan Lavarello, Alfred Rogers, Jack Green , Dougie Swain, Stan Swain, Darren Repetto

After the service in St Mary's Church members of the congregation met as Lorna's Ordination was taking place at the home of Lars and Trina Repetto

Photos above and alongside from Robin Repetto show them gathered on 30th June.

Ordination Stole Design Chosen from entries by St Mary's School pupils
Lorna asked Education Adviser Jim Kerr to run a competition in St Mary’s school for a design for her ordination stole.
Trainee teacher Poppy Lavarello took on the task and Class 5 turned the competition into a project.
They researched religious symbols and discussed ways of including Tristan related things.

The outcome of it all were lovely designs which were impossibly difficult to choose from. Lorna finally settled on the design alongside and a designer turned it into a stole which Lorna wore at her ordination.

The winning design was by Leanne Swain. The other designs will be eventually incorporated into Red, Green and Purple stoles at a later stage as they are far too beautiful not to use.

Lorna was astounded at the creativeness of the children, and will wear the stole with a great deal of pride next year. She added that it will feel like she will have a little piece of home with her at her ordination.

Other stole designs:

Left: Kimberley Green
Above: Rachel Green
Right: Lynette Green

See full article from Jim Kerr
on the stole competition:
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