St Mary's School event held on 9th March

2018 Swimming Gala

Report and photos from Victoria Stapleton

The January term is when school does swimming lessons and they get most of their time outdoors for games due to the nice weather. This year the school held a swimming gala and a sports day to celebrate the children’s progress and achievements. The local pool was also open from November until April and the local children spend a lot of time at the pool enjoying the good weather although they were also still keen to swim even on the wet, windy days.

The swimming gala took place on 9th March 2018 and was supported by a good number of members of the community who came to watch.

All three photos show races in progress

The Key Stage 1 children had been learning to swim and the Key Stage 2 and Secondary children had been improving their techniques. A big thank you to Tracey Price who coached the children and mentored Sandra Rogers to take over next year and thank you to both of them for being pool attendants this year.

The younger children had kicking-with-a-float races as well as a running-in-the-water race and the older children had breast-stroke, front-crawl and back-stroke races. We then had a house team free-style relay race.

Overall 'Nightingale' house won the competition but everyone was impressed with how much progress all the children had made this year.