Andrea (Andy) Repetto was appointed Head of Tristan da Cunha's Communications Department in October 2007.

Head of Department Andy Repetto

Andrea (Andy) Repetto has been appointed as the Head of Tristan da Cunha's Communications Department in October 2007. Andy is a familiar voice to many yachts and ships approaching Tristan da Cunha over many years, often seeking urgent assistance as he worked as the island's Communications Officer. His crucial service operates under the name Tristan Radio ZOE and has been the lifeline to many as he has guided them to the Tristan anchorage and summoned help from the island's search and rescue vessels.

Andy started his career in Tristan's Post & Communications Department where he worked from 1976-1993, attending a course in St. Helena with Cable & Wireless in 1980. He switched to working for the Tristan PWD between 1993-2003, where he was employed in a variety of roles including Auto Electric Engineer/Welder/Crane Driver & Communications/Navigation Officer for fisheries patrol boat.

He attended the Southampton City College & Southern Sailing School, Hampshire UK in 2002 and joined the re-organised Telecommunications Department in 2003. He was appointed Head of Telecommunications in October 2007 and installed the first amateur radio station on the island.

Andy is the son of Lindsay and Margaret Repetto and is married to Lorraine (nee Glass) who sent these two 2007 photographs of Andy in the Tristan Radio Station.