Janine Lavarello delivers key speech

Tristan Conservation in focus during JMC week

Report from Tristan Government UK Representative Chris Carnegy
and photos from RSPB's Andy Schofield

Portcullis House conference underway with Janine Lavarello seated at the right on the main panel table.

The second day of 2023 JMC-week events placed Tristan in the spotlight as a leader in marine conservation.

Wednesday's main daytime event was a special UK Overseas Territories Conference at Portcullis House in Westminster, aimed at deepening knowledge of the OTs among parliamentarians and other influential people. Tristan's MPZ Officer Janine Lavarello had a significant role, presenting and taking part in a panel discussion in a session entitled 'UK Overseas Territories; Environmental Superpower'.

RSPB's Andy Schofield was at the event, and commented:

"This was a high level panel, with representatives such as Dr John Cortes MBE (Minister of Environment, Gibraltar), Quincia Gumbs Marie (Minister for Sustainability, Innovation and the Environment, Anguilla), Cayman Islands Premier Wayne Panton and Premier of Montserrat Joseph E. Farrell.

Janine delivered an empowering and passionate speech about how the community of Tristan da Cunha is a true leader in global marine conservation; she was also a panellist in the following discussion. Janine gave a superb summary to a large and distinguished audience about how Tristan is leading the way in marine protection within the Atlantic region, as well as highlighting the difficulties of delivering such ambition in the remotest of all inhabited UKOTs.

This was met with a large round of applause and appreciation. Janine yet again did her community proud on a high level international stage".

Ahead of the conference, Janine had a VIP ticket to watch Prime Minister's Questions as a guest of the Commons Speaker.

Above: Janine arriving at Westminster
to attend Prime Minister's Questions.

Right: Janine delivering her speech

Janine Lavarello with RSPB's Andy Schofield and Mayor of Pitcairn Simon Young

Chief Islander James Glass was at Windsor Castle during the day for his investiture as a Member of the Order of the British Empire. He returned to London for the Territory Leaders' dinner with OTs' minister Lord Goldsmith.