Tristan issues raised during London talks with UK Overseas Territories and Falkland Islands Councillors

Chief Islander holds meetings in the UK

Report and photos from Tristan Government UK Representative Chris Carnegy

Pre-JMC meeting on 10th June 2022

Delegates at the on-line Pre-JMC meeting on 10th June 2022
Tristan Chief Islander James Glass is shown centre top row.

Elected leaders of the UK Overseas Territories met online on Friday 10th June, to set the Territories' priorities for November's Joint Ministerial Council.

James makes his intervention on connectivity

Tristan da Cunha's Chief Islander James Glass helped forge the agenda, with interventions on shipping links, healthcare and the impact of climate change. Each of his stated priorities received support from fellow leaders.

The London JMC will bring UK ministers face-to-face with elected Territory representatives, to explore issues of mutual interest between Her Majesty's government and the OTs.

Meeting with Falkland Islands councillors on 12th June 2022

Tristan's Chief Islander James Glass met with two members of the Falkland Islands Legislative Council on 12th June, to explore enhanced collaboration between the UK's South Atlantic islands.

James meeting with Leona Roberts and Gavin Short on 12th June 2022

MLAs Leona Roberts and Gavin Short were in London amid many commemorative events surrounding the 40th anniversary of their Islands' invasion and liberation in 1982.

James, a Tristanian who was born on the Falklands, was pleased at the opportunity to strengthen inter-island links.